25 Questions to Ask During the Shoe Game at your Wedding!

Have you ever seen the videos of couples playing a game where they raise each other’s shoes at their wedding or experienced it for yourself? You are probably wondering what are some good questions to be asked during that game! Now, if I were you, I would have someone who knows you both really well help write these questions to make the game more fun! Make sure that the person who is asking the questions is funny and can make the crowd laugh! Here are some of my favorite questions that are usually asked during this game!

  1. Who’s notorious for leaving the toilet seat up after they are done using the restroom?

  2. Who snores louder?

  3. Who has the worst road rage?

  4. Who is the messier eater?

  5. Who’s temper is worse?

  6. Who is more likely to fall asleep during a religious service?

  7. Who is more likely to get you lost on a road trip?

  8. Who has the last word in an argument?

  9. Who wears the pants in this relationship?

  10. Who takes longer in the shower?

  11. Who hold’s their liquor better?

  12. Who is the biggest baby when they’re sick?

  13. Who farts more?

  14. Who is the better kisser?

  15. Who is more forgetful?

  16. Who is more stubborn?

  17. Who spends more time in front of the mirror?

  18. Who has the crazier family?

  19. Who controls the TV?

  20. Who is more likely to get a speeding ticket?

  21. Who’s more likely to come home with a dog or cat without asking?

  22. Who’s more impulsive?

  23. Who is the more expensive shopper?

  24. Who is more likely to pick the left overs off the other one’s plate?

  25. Who is the better dancer?