3 Potential Bridesmaid Problems and How To Make It All Better

3 Potential Bridesmaid Problems

3 Potential Bridesmaid Problems and How to Smooth Them Over

Your bridal party is your closest friends and family who you want to be there to celebrate your wedding day. From your sister to your college roommate to the sister-in-law you might not get along with yet, you want these people standing up there at your ceremony. But we can’t always avoid the drama that happens amongst your bridesmaids and there is always the one who stirs the pot. It’s usually from anxiety, pressure, high expectations, and just things that are out of their control.

1. When Someone Complains

Being the wedding party comes with a cost. It can either be really expensive or fairly inexpensive. I know first hand that it can be expensive. Being a bridesmaid you have to purchase your dress, shoes & jewelry, pay for a part of the bachelorette party, paying for hair and make-up, even the bridal shower, and just miscellaneous expenses the girls might not have thought of. When someone starts to complain about finances it’s not that they don’t want to participate but rather they are frustrated they feel like they can’t. According to the knot, the average bridesmaid spends around $1200 on expenses. 3 Potential Bridesmaid Problems

2.  When Bridesmaids Aren’t Meeting Expectations

Your bridesmaid’s role on the day of your wedding is to make sure things run as smooth as they can, being attentive to you and just keeping you calm. Kind of like a best friend except there are multiple best friends in one room. You should have them volunteering for anything and everything, and therefore emotional support. Remember, if you haven’t voiced your expectations you shouldn’t be pointing fingers at any of your bridesmaids. 3 Potential Bridesmaid Problems

If you know someone is going to want to be involved while another maid is looking to take a step back with the planning and participation, make sure you set expectations. This is rarely a thing that happens but sometimes you have to know how to handle it if this issue arises.

3. When someone Dislikes Their Outfit/Hair/Makeup

It’s rare to have a bridal party with the exact same proportions and shape. There’s a comfort level in knowing what looks good for your body type. But there should no way that your bridal party should be complaining about the dress they’re wearing unless you gave the option if their own cut but the same color, which is happening more and more with recent weddings. 3 Potential Bridesmaid Problems

In the beginning, when you’re searching different bridal boutiques like David’s Bridal or Castle Couture for the perfect dress, there will be varying opinions about what dress looks best depending on style preferences. Honestly, go with what YOU want. Your bridesmaids said yes to being a part of your big day, so let them say all they want, it doesn’t matter in the end because it’s not their wedding, it’s yours. The right snips and hems can change everything on a dress while still keeping a uniformity and adding comfort.

There are going to be times where your bridesmaids won’t be happy with how their hair and make-up doesn’t come out how they like it, SO what I would recommend doing is to have your bridesmaids do their own hair and make-up or even if you have them get their hair done professionally and they do their own makeup, it will cause for less drama and you won’t be behind on your wedding day schedule. 3 Potential Bridesmaid Problems

It has been something that I have been telling my brides for a while now, that you aren’t going to please everyone, but the only one who should be pleased is YOU. 3 Potential Bridesmaid Problems

3 Potential Bridesmaid Problems

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