9 Shiny Tips to Taking the BEST Engagement Ring Selfie

So now you’re engaged and you wanna show off that ring. You want it to glisten in the sunlight and make it stand out amongst all the others. You want to make that Instagram post to show off that you just got engaged. Get the photo just right by following these few rules of the RING finger!

  1. Lighting is key

If you’re not outside, get there. If it’s raining and it’s light outside, get near a window. You want much as natural light as possible. Avoid the tungsten or simple light bulb because they cast a weird light on the ring and doesn’t make it shine as much as it should. You want the natural sunlight, trust me.

2. Know your ring

Experiment with the angle of your shot to find it’s “good side.” Move your hand around to try different ways that it looks. Use the natural light and best angle to bring out the unique setting. Try an overhead shot, but remember don’t use flash!

3. Get your nails done

Your boyfriend should make sure your nails are done before he proposes anyways, so in that case they should be done. If he doesn’t, then try putting on some lotion and get creative with your pose. Hold your fiancé’s hand and crop out your nails or try the fist bump in the sky - cause why not show off your beautiful ring in a fun way

4. Find an exciting backdrop

Unleash your inner photographer and find a location that makes your ring stand out! Find something that is instagram worthy! You’ll thank me after you find that perfect backdrop to take your first ring selfie. Trust me it’s worth finding.

5. Go the Distance

Sometimes your standard cellphone shot won’t cut it. However, DO NOT use the zoom feature on your camera, it will distort the photo. If you are an iPhone user, try portrait mode. That will for sure make your ring stand out from the background. Avoid shaky shots. Set up your phone on a flat surface, then tap the screen to bring it into focus and snap that photo. BOOM you have an amazing shot of your ring.

6. Take lots of options and only upload one

You want your ring to stand out, so skip the collages and albums. Pick the best one and post it. Then you can post the rest of the photos later on.

7. Fix it first

Use an editing app on your phone to make your photo more vibrant. Really bring out the colors to make your ring pop from the rest of the photo

8. If you can’t quite get it exactly how you want it, use a filter

Instagram filters are a great go to and they make it easy for anyone to create an Instagram worthy photo.

9. Share!

If there is ever an acceptable time to be sentimental on a post, this is the time. Talk about how you get to marry your best friend, get creative with a cool caption and MAYBE even try coming up with a cool hashtag that you can use throughout your entire wedding planning process. This way your friends and family can also use that hashtag to keep all your social media posts in one location. Plus who doesn’t want their own personal hashtag!