Ali & Milo Wedding Allentown NJ

Wedding Allentown NJ

Gifford Farm in Allentown NJ – October 25, 2020

I have shot a lot of weddings in my short career and all of them have their special parts that I love most, but Ali and Milo’s Wedding Allentown NJ was another wedding that was sheer perfection. I mean everything from start to finish was beautiful.

Even though this isn’t the wedding that Ali and Milo originally planned for 2020, I’d say they pulled off an amazing day and Ali got the wedding of her dreams at the farm. We shot their engagement session there back in November (which you can check out here) and I always wanted to shoot wedding portraits there. Wedding Allentown NJ

The day started off at Ali and Milo’s house for Ali’s bridal prep. Everything timed out great for the day too. We got some beautiful stuff with her hair and make-up and her details were spot on. One thing I can say about details is that you want to make sure that you have everything that is going to be a part of your wedding day ready to go for your photographer when they arrive. Wedding Allentown NJ

After the hair and make-up artist left, we were able to get the ball rolling on photos. For a wedding day, we typically do a whole workup of prep photos for the bride and the groom respectively. Wedding Allentown NJ

Ali had pajama shirts for the girls and champagne glasses with their names on them, which was a nice touch. After doing photos and videos of the girls, we told everyone to go get dressed in the bedrooms so we could do a bridesmaid reveal with them when Ali was all dressed.

Her letter from Milo had her in tears. That man can write and not only did he make Ali cry with the letter to her, but he also wrote one for his Mom and Sister and they were also crying. The content the team grabbed was impeccable and I cannot wait for you all to see the final video.

Then Ali put her dress on. Boy let me tell you, she looked absolutely stunning. The way the light was hitting her through the window made everything so dramatic and I loved the way the images were turning out!

Her bridesmaids were so excited to see how beautiful she looked in her dress and the flower girls, Milo’s nieces, couldn’t believe their eyes. Their reactions were priceless. Wedding Allentown NJ

After she put her dress on, Ali facetimed with some family members and shared a moment with those who couldn’t be there to celebrate with them! Wedding Allentown NJ

The reveal with her dad was probably the most nerve-racking part for her. She told me right before her dad came in that she was extremely nervous to see him. Once she did though, her nerves were gone. Wedding Allentown NJ

Wedding Allentown NJ

Outside of Ali and Milo’s house, there is a median that runs down the entire length of their road. So her idea was to do her portraits and bridesmaid stuff on the median, it changed it up and I couldn’t be happier with them. The symmetry that we created in the images is beautiful and really draws your eye to Ali and her girls. Wedding Allentown NJ

Marty and I were able to accomplish so much with them in such a short amount of time. The one thing we were making sure we avoided was the rain, and God was on our side that day because the rain held up and we were able to capture some beautiful images all-day.

Finally, it was time to head over to the barn for their ceremony and bridal portraits. But first, let’s head over to Milo’s prep. Wedding Allentown NJ

Wedding Allentown NJ

While we were at the house with Ali, Andrea and Teddy were with Milo at his location. From the looks of the photos, Milo’s prep went ridiculously well. Because I don’t do groom prep with my couples, it is hard to give the full rundown but I do know that they killed it and did an amazing job capturing everything for his prep. Wedding Allentown NJ

The guys did shots, group photos at the barn and I am so stoked with how much prep they were able to capture for the guys.

All in all, the team killed it with this prep. Wedding Allentown NJ


The ceremony was GORGEOUS. Farm weddings are my favorite and the best part was when Milo saw Ali and balled his eyes out. Best reaction from a groom, when he cries when he sees his bride. Ali is also an emotional person, so they were both crying.

They walked down the aisle to “Falling Slowly” from Once the Musical

Their ceremony was so quaint and they were surrounded by family and friends as they said “I do.”

It was short, sweet, and to the point and everything about it was beautiful.


This portrait session was spectacular and just pure beauty. I am so excited about this portrait session. We couldn’t go wrong with what we did and everything came out exactly as expected.

Veil shots, veil pops, the candids, and more serious stuff, everything was stunning. The intimacy and love that these two have for each other are beautiful and the way it translated through the images.

The session lasted a good hour and we conquered those grounds beautifully, as always of course.


Ali and Milo’s reception wasn’t exactly as they planned but what they did put together was awesome and they had so much fun. They were able to do all their formalities and were able to dance the night away. The best man speech had them in stitches and Ali’s sister’s speech as her maid of honor, made her cry. Again, not surprised because of full of emotions they both were that day.

They danced to “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz

I am honored to call these two friends and I cannot wait for their big day next year as well. They are beautiful people inside and out and I cannot thank them enough for allowing me and my team to capture their special day.

NOW! Let’s hear from the bride and groom with a little Q&A for them!



“The most anticipated part for both of us was seeing each other for the first time while walking down the aisle.”


“Besides needing to postpone the bigger celebration, Ali not crying as much as the most unexpected thing to happen all day!”


“We were both more excited than anything!”

Ali: “I was nervous about the weather and it being cold and rainy. Everyone kept me calm and I just kept a positive attitude the entire morning. It turned out to be perfect!”

Milo: “I was nervous about being able to get through my vows. But, Ali was able to get me through them by holding my hand and encouraging me.”


Ali: I am looking forward to being able to call him husband and start this new chapter in our book! I cannot wait to start a family together and make new memories as husband and wife.”

Milo: “I am looking forward to beginning the rest of our lives together, as well as starting a family together.”


“The wedding inspiration was fall and rustic. We had a lot of pumpkins and fall decor.”


Ali: “Take a step back and enjoy every single second. The day goes by so fast and you realize that you put so much into everything that you need to tell yourself to sit back and look at it all.”

Milo: “Take several deep breaths and try to enjoy every single minute, including the whole build-up to the day. It passes in a blink of an eye so make sure you enjoy every special moment that you can.”


Ali: “I felt the happiest I have ever felt in my entire life. This wedding was smaller due to Covid, but it was so much more intimate and personal and it truly was the best day of my life.”

Milo: “I was filled with so much joy and happiness about how more than perfect everything turned out. It was the best day of my life.”

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