Jess & Gary At-Home Engagement Session Wilmington DE

At-Home Engagement Session Wilmington DE

This at-home engagement session Wilmington DE for Jess and Gary was nothing short of spectacular. Their home is beautifully decorated for Christmas. The white walls, big windows and tons of natural light made for some stunning images.

At-home sessions can sometimes be difficult because there is an expectation for these types of sessions. As a photographer, I make sure the couple feels natural in their home as a subject; you want to be comfy and don’t wear anything formal. These sessions are supposed relaxed from start to finish. This is one of the times where jeans and a comfy t-shirt are acceptable for an engagement session. At-Home Engagement Session Wilmington DE

We started on the staircase; it was something that Jess wanted, and it’s easy, to begin with, an area or pose that is easy and can get the couple into the flow. Jess’s oversized beige sweater was the perfect comfy look for the start of the session.

A perk of being in your own home for your session is that you have access to a closet, so if something doesn’t work for the images, you can go in the closet and change outfits.

At-Home Engagement Session Wilmington DE At-Home Engagement Session Wilmington DE

They have a front room that lets in a TON of natural light. Gary has 3 guitars hanging on the wall that they got from a friend looking to get rid of them. I believe he said one of them was a Les Paul guitar. This room was probably one of the best rooms to photograph in the house. It had a lot of colors and made for a great backdrop with the guitar. At-Home Engagement Session Wilmington DE

We worked our way up to their bedroom for an awesome pillow fight. This is probably my favorite set of images from their session. It really shows their fun and silly side, which was captured perfectly.

We made an outfit change and then snuggled up with Mimosas under a blanker next to the fireplace. The colors of the room and decor complimented their outfits really well. I think some of the best images from their session were from this part. Jess and Gary were comfortable with me shooting at this point and didn’t realize I was even around at some points. At-Home Engagement Session Wilmington DE

Jess was so cute; she wanted to drink the mimosas like they’ll drink the champagne on their wedding day. They interlocked arms and sipped that way. She couldn’t stop laughing.