Angelica and Marshall At Home Engagement Session Woodland Park NJ


Talk about an amazing at-home engagement session!! With dealing with COVID-19 and having engagement sessions constantly moving around, it was amazing to get back out there and shoot another session! I met Angelica and Marshall in the last half of 2019 and we hit it off from the start. When Angelica told me she wanted to do two engagement sessions for her engagement, I was on board for it. Last time we did an outdoor session in NY and it was cold and cloudy! So this time around they wanted to do something very different, and I thought an at-home session would be perfect! Something different. Especially since most places are closed right now. We made this session more intimate and I couldn’t be more excited 🙂


At Home Engagement Session Woodland Park NJ

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Angelica and Marshall met through mutual friends in the car scene. As Angelica puts it, she spotted Marshall talking to one of their mutual friends, and she had to meet him. They felt like they knew each other even though they had never met before. “So we met in a parking lot – which is pretty cool to tell people” By spending out with friends and spending time together, they started to show interest which, eventually turned into love! These two are inseparable! I love capturing them because their love shows through their images.


I’m going to let Angelica tell this part of the story. “I went to Marshall’s house after working and getting my nails done on a Saturday, and I was really tired. Marshall insisted we go on his motorcycle because it was the first nice day in like a week, and I hadn’t been on his new motorcycle before. He was so insistent I finally agreed to go. As I was holding him, he kept moving my arms up- it was so uncomfortable, but he told me it was because the gas tank was in the way, so I had to hold him up higher. This made sense, so the rest of the trip to Eagle Rock Reservation all I could think was how I’m not going to like this bike or want to go on it since I was uncomfortable holding him. We finally get to Eagle Rock, and I couldn’t wait to be off! We walked around and enjoyed the view and walked over to some cherry blossom trees (my favorite) and were shaking the petals off the branches because it looked pretty as they fell. Finally, we went and sat on a bench and were discussing dinner options, and he was turning every option down! At one point, he mentioned how I’m going to have to move my rings around, and I was like yeah, I know, but I just haven’t yet. Then he asked when we would get married, and I was like, “I don’t know, definitely in October. Then he said like this October? And I was like well no… we aren’t even engaged yet. Now, this part is a little fuzzy because, honestly, it was almost like blacking out without actually blacking out!! But all of a sudden he was down on one knee and had the ring out, MY DREAM RING!! And I was like, “are you serious?!” Over and over a whole bunch of times and, he was like yes! It’s yours! And I was like yes!! It was so awesome! I put the ring on and, then Marshall was like, “ok, we gotta go we are meeting our families for dinner,” and I was like what?!? I couldn’t even figure out how to put on my gloves! I was shaking the whole way home! We met up with our parents for dinner and it was so nice and so exciting, I still couldn’t believe we were engaged!”

I am so excited to call you both my friends. I want to thank you for allowing me to capture your engagement session and  your love story and I cannot wait to capture your wedding day! Marshall and Angelica will be tying the knot in October, 2020, at the Pleasantdale Chateau in West Orange, NJ



“All of it! Especially being married part and sharing the day with family and friends”



Fun, Loving, Enjoyable, Exciting, Fun-Filled



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