Lori & Nick Bar Engagement Session Colts Neck NJ

Bar Engagement Session Colts Neck NJ

Lori and Nick’s Bar Engagement Session Colts Neck NJ was absolutely killer. Let me tell you guys… this one got hot and steamy! Lori and Nick came to me with a vision, a session inspired by style of James Bond. How could I say no! Bar Engagement Session Colts Neck NJ

This engagement shoot was all about class. We focused on dark colors, serious faces and a whole lot of love in order to make their vision come true. We collectively decided that a bar would be the best location to make this come to life. We shot at two locations, Source Brewing and Colts Neck Stillhouse.

We started off at Colts Neck Stillhouse. They had the perfect little bar with a spiral staircase right behind it that I sat Lori and Nick in front of. Once we got comfortable and took a few photos we hopped across the street to Source Brewing. This is where things started to heat up. The original idea we had wouldn’t of worked well for the Stillhouse so it was really good that we decided to head to the Brewery to capture their vision. Having the entire place to ourselves, it was really easy to move around furniture and shoot exactly as we wanted to. It made life SO much easier. Bar Engagement Session Colts Neck NJ

After finding the perfect velvet green couch in the brewery, we really got to work. I promise you that these two were born to model. Every pose we did Lori and Nick knocked it out of the park. We could’ve shot all day long! Lori even told me that she was so surprised that I got Nick to laugh during our shoot because he’s a pretty serious guy.

If that was the only thing we accomplished on the shoot I would have been satisfied but we did a whole lot more than just make Nick smile. We created beauty, elegance, sophistication. We brought their vision to life. It truly was one of my favorite sessions to date. Bar Engagement Session Colts Neck NJ

I tell my couples that if they’re going to wear all black outfits, it needs to be that from head to toe or it needs to be a Black Tie event out. A full tux and sleek black dress. It truly works well for a shoot such as this one. My rule is all black needs to be fancy and formal, when my couples don’t show up in the correct all black outfits that I recommended on the call, it makes it more difficult to make it pop and make an impact for their love story. Bar Engagement Session Colts Neck NJ

We were crunching on time so we finished up on the staircase and in front of the bar. After we finished at the brewery we went back across the street for the more casual part of the session. These two continued to give us their all and their laughs were infectious. I wanted to make sure I had some lighter more fun photos for them as well. I am glad I was able to get Nick to smile. Lori was really excited about that. Bar Engagement Session Colts Neck NJ

Even though the Stillhouse didn’t have much to offer inside, we were able to capture a ton outside, which gave us a nice variety in the final gallery. It got cold and started to rain, so we ended not to long after we go outside.

We truly had the best time. I’m super excited about how this session turned out and cannot wait to work with these two again!

Lori & Nick are tying the knot in March 2022

Bar Engagement Session Colts Neck NJ

Bar Engagement Session Colts Neck NJ

Bar Engagement Session Colts Neck NJ


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