Stefanie & Pete Baseball Engagement Session Fair Lawn NJ

Baseball Engagement Session Fair Lawn NJ

We hit it out of the park for Stefanie & Pete’s Baseball Engagement Session Fair Lawn NJ. Their baseball-themed engagement session was cute and very much them. Stef and Pete are true baseball fans, and they even met at a Yankee Game. We started their session on the fields at a local park where they live. I love when I have more than just trees and a couple of benches to work with. Baseball Engagement Session Fair Lawn NJ

Their session was fun and relaxing. They are very easy-going people, and it made my time working with them super easy. Granted, I came off a major wedding the night before, so having a wonderful couple like them to work with was a great way to end the weekend.

It was a nice change getting to photograph an engagement session with a cool theme.

I am honored to have captured the love story of an amazing and wonderful couple. Stef and Pete, thank you for allowing me to capture your special moment, and I am looking forward to capturing your love story even further at the wedding in September. Stef and Pete will be tying the knot in September 2021 at Yankee Stadium. Baseball Engagement Session Fair Lawn NJ

Baseball Engagement Session Fair Lawn NJ



“At a Yankee Game. I’d say we met by chance, but really we met by fate. We had been to three or four of the same Yankee Games that season, but that night, I decided to go to the game on a whim, and he begrudgingly went with friends. I noticed him early on. He has a great laugh that I heard over the rest of the crowd. He noticed me when another fan was getting sloppy and kept knocking into my friend. He came over to diffuse the situation, and of course, I made him stay to chat.” Baseball Engagement Session Fair Lawn NJ


“I left work early in anticipation to meet Stefanie and some of her friends for the Yankee Wild Card game. I sat in NYC Yankee Playoff traffic. I made it to the stadium just shortly after the game started. It took me a minute to locate Stefanie at our spot (The Toyota Terrace). After an Aaron Judge home run and a few spilled Bud Light Limes, I was able to find her. We spent the game chatting, getting to know each other, and flirting. After the Yankees won, I drove Stefanie home, where we had our first kiss.”


“Quickly! We tried our best to fight it, but it was obviously a losing battle. One night, about a month after our first date, he was dropping me off at my car after yet another Yankee game. I didn’t want to l