SkyView Golf Club

Bianca & Brandon SkyView Golf Club Wedding Sparta NJ

💒 Venue: @skyviewgolfclub
📸 Photography: @tomrussophotography
Videography: Tom Russo Photography
💐 Florist: @sbblooms
💄 Make-up: @sophiemarksbeauty
👗 Dress: @aleanas_bridal
👔 Tux: @menswearhouse
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🎂 Cake: @alittlecake_

SkyView Golf Club in Sparta, NJ, is a wedding venue unlike no other, offering astounding views over 190 acres of rolling greens. 

Whether you are looking for expansive skyline views of New Jersey, or a rustic yet elegant venue, you can have it all at SkyView Golf Club.

Take in the stunning panorama view of the Hamburg mountains while enjoying cocktail hour on the new outdoor terrace.

Later dance the night away in the breathtaking ballroom that brings the outdoors inside with it’s floor to ceiling windows and picturesque views. 

The vaulted ceiling in the SkyView Golf Club is adorned in string lights to set the cozy and intimate experience you want for your wedding night.

With SkyView Golf Club’s easy beauty, you and your guests can enjoy a dazzling sunset, any season of the year. 

You will feel like you’re on top of the world and the top-notch staff are there to help you every step of the way. 

We can’t think of a dreamier place to celebrate the love between two people than at SkyView Golf Club and we at Tom Russo Photography were overjoyed to spend the day with Bianca and Brandon.

We love to ask our couples to share in their own words some of the moments that collectively made up their special day.

Read below from Bianca and Brandon to enjoy the retelling of their wedding.

Hear More From Our Couple

What was your most anticipated part of your wedding day?!
Seeing all of our friends and family in one place! We had about a 2.5 year engagement which was unrelated to COVID, and we didn’t have to push or change our wedding at all (very lucky!). But mid-2020 when the world was really an uncertain place, our friends and family kept saying that our
wedding will probably be the time when the world starts to re-open and feel more “normal” and will make the day all the more special. And it was exactly that. We had 140 of our best friends and closest family in one room for a beautiful and fun wedding and it was the first event people had been to in about 2 years, which made everyone so excited and grateful to be there.

Did anything happen that was unexpected?!
No! The day went better than expected. There were no hiccups, no spilled wine or ripped dresses. It was all so perfect and so much fun!

Were you nervous?! How did you squash those nerves?!
We were both SUPER nervous all morning! One thing that helped to get the nerves in check was waking up together that morning (before hair and makeup arrived!). It was so nice to be able to wake up together and have a few moments of peace together before a very hectic day.

After our first look we both really calmed down. Having read our vows to each other in private right before the first look was really special too and helped calm the nerves!

One of our favorite parts of the day was during our bridal portraits. We had a golf cart to ourselves and beat the photo/video crew to the next location we were taking pictures and we had about 3-5 minutes alone all dressed up as our guests were starting to trickle in and our bridal party was looming. It was peaceful and quiet and a gorgeous day out and we just got to sit with each other and soak it all in.

What song did you walk down the aisle to?!
Only Exception (cover by Vitamin String Quartet)

What are you looking forward to most as a married couple?!
We were most looking forward to not having to wedding plan and for our honeymoon!

More seriously, we were excited to start building our life together and growing together in the next
stage of our lives as our own family-unit.

What was your wedding inspiration?!
Simple and “us.” I joke that I’m glad I didn’t download Tik Tok prior to our wedding because all of the content on Tik Tok about what you do and don’t need at your wedding; what people do and don’t regret; what’s in and not trendy anymore is overwhelming and deflating.

While wedding planning, we really stayed true to what we like – from food selections to music choices (we had an AMAZING early 2000’s pop-punk power hour) to our vendors, we really only based decisions off what we liked and didn’t like.

We wrote our ceremony and our own vows and did everything on our terms. We got so many compliments on the ceremony which was really special.

We just kept in mind that this day was ours and completely for us and no one else. We could tailor it to what we wanted. If we wanted a reading from a Supreme Court case or from our favorite comedian’s movie, we could do that!

Favorite food from cocktail hour?!
All of the food at Skyview was so so good (especially the dessert room – shout out to the ice cream
sundae bar!).

But one of the biggest hits was the cheese and charcuterie TABLE at cocktail hour. So much variety and endless food!

What was your wedding song?!
I Like Me Better (cover by Gavin Mikhail)

What song did you dance to with your parents?!
Brandon danced with him mom to: You’ll Be in My Heart, Phil Collins
Bianca danced with her dad to: Wildflower by Tom Petty

How did you feel at the end of the day?!
Overjoyed, humbled and exhausted. We got to spend an entire day being loved by our closest family and friends. One of the most special things about a wedding is that every single person there is celebrating you and there for you. There are so few times where you get to be the center of the universe (and rarely is that at an event with 150 people).

We had so much fun on the dance floor all night with our friends and family that we were so tired and left our afterparty after saying goodnight to all of our people!

Any advice for couples getting married?!
Don’t get lost in wedding planning. A wedding is a big event, but also should not be your entire universe. Don’t forget that the wedding is a celebration of your love and the beginning of your life together. Have fun, set your priorities and try not to get caught up in the whole wedding culture.