So, you’re probably wondering what I mean by “Pre-Wedding.” “Pre-Wedding” is what I call all the events that take place on your wedding day, before your ceremony! Whether that is just only getting your hair and make-up done or the whole SHABANG and includes your first look and photoshoot! (Which we will get to in another blog post)

I know that wedding day planning can be stressful, so I am going to help ease your mind with that and share with you my five great scheduling tips of when vendors should arrive when planning out your Pre-Wedding!

1. Your Hair Dresser


To a female, your hair is part of what makes you, you. Whether it’s up in a messy bun, straight and long or all done up for a formal event, your hair takes time, and you want it done right. So for your wedding day, leave ample time to do your hair. Make sure you coordinate an earlier start time with you, so you don’t feel rushed when sitting in the chair to get your hair done! Have the person, or people arrive AT LEAST 2-4 HOURS before your ceremony to begin getting your hair done, depending on the number of ladies who are also getting their hair done by the same people. However, YOU should be the FIRST to get your hair done! You want the person’s entire focus to be on you, and if you are last, then they may feel rushed or not have enough time to do your hair the way you want it done! It’s also good to have multiple people there doing hair for you, your bridesmaids and anyone else getting their hair done with you the morning of your wedding.


2. Your Make-Up Artist

Every woman puts on at least some sort of make-up when they get up everyday! Whether it’s just some mascara and eye-liner or a full face of make-up, almost every female puts on make-up when they go out. For some women, their wedding day is the most make-up they will wear in their entire life. When you sit down in the chair (YOU should be the last one to get your make-up done) there should have at least 45 minutes to get your make-up done, so that means to have your make-up team arrive AT LEAST 2-4 HOURS before you have to leave for your ceremony. This way, everyone who is getting their make-up done has enough time, and the artists don’t feel rushed!

3. Your Photographer

Every bride wants everything captured from start to finish on their wedding day. Even though that’s how it should be, having your photographer there when the make-up artists and hairdressers arrive is not the best idea. You don’t want to pay them to sit around for an hour doing nothing. You want them to come in when you are about to sit down to get either your hair or make-up done, whichever happens first. You want to make sure that you are their primary focus of the day! Have them arrive AT LEAST 1-2 HOURS before you have to leave for your ceremony. You want them to capture moments of not only you but of your dress, you details (shoes, jewelry, rings, veil, invitations, etc.), your bridesmaids and even you Moms getting ready. Allow them to capture everything they need without having them feel rushed.

4. Getting Dressed


Putting on a wedding dress is something every little girl dreams of when they are growing up. This moment is supposed to only happen once in life for everyone, so DON’T RUSH IT. I suggest you be the LAST person to get dressed. Make sure all of your bridesmaids and anyone else helping you get into the dress is ready to go. You want to give about 30-45 minutes before you are going to leave for your ceremony. I know it doesn’t sound AS crucial as other parts of your day, but putting on your dress truly is one of the most beautiful and memorable parts of any wedding day.

5. Your Limo Driver

So now your hairdresser, make-up artist, and photographer are all scheduled, but you’re probably wondering, what time should my limo driver arrive to pick up my bridesmaids and me? Well from my personal experience, every bride likes getting photos done with the limo or car and on some occasions, the party bus. So, have them arrive no less than 20 minutes before you have to leave for your ceremony. Leaving early will also leave a buffer window in case they hit traffic.

If you make sure all of these things are squared away, then you will have no worries on how your Pre-Wedding portion of your day will go! P.S. working this out with your photographer, really helps. They have the most experience with this type of stuff, and they will make sure that a portion of the day runs smoothly.