Have you ever wondered how much time is enough time to capture photos of you and your husband on your wedding day? Or how much time is needed to do a photoshoot with your bridesmaids? Well, I have the answer for you! Here are three tips for scheduling your photoshoot times!

1. Are you going a First Look?


Most brides and grooms are deciding to do a First Look, and it is becoming more and more “the norm” of things to do at your wedding nowadays! Now, you’re probably wondering how much time should you leave before the ceremony to do your first look as it will also likely be the time where you do our wedding portraits. Well, I have that answer for you!

You should have NO LESS THAN 1 HOUR 15 MINUTES BEFORE your ceremony to do your first look. It will give ample time for your photographer to take all the portraits you want and still leave enough time to get over to the location of the ceremony. Usually, the place is on the grounds of the service or within a 5-minute drive of the ceremony location. Now, if you want your bridal party to be there, I would suggest leaving NO LESS THAN 1 HOUR AND 30 MINUTES before your ceremony, so that we can take photos with them. Again, usually, the location is on the grounds of the ceremony or within a 5-minute drive of the ceremony location.

2. Your Ceremony


So, it’s now come to that point where you are trying to plan out the schedule for one of the more formal parts of your wedding day, the ceremony! The ceremony is also the time of the day where most, if not all, of the guests, are going to be showing up for the first time. Now, if it is at a religious location like a Church, Temple or Synagogue, then that is usually up to them when your ceremony will be due to other events that may be happening there before or after your ceremony. If that is the case, usually the ceremony will be scheduled around 2 pm. However, if you are having at another location, I would plan it 1-2 hours before your cocktail hour begins. It will allow enough time to have a beautiful ceremony, but not having too much time before the cocktail hour after the service is over.

3. Your Photoshoot

Ahh, the photoshoot. My favorite portion of the day! It is where the magic happens! The part of a couple’s wedding day that is usually not given enough time or even accounted for by some couples. However, if your photographer knows what they are doing, they will make sure you include enough time in your day for a photo shoot. Depending on if you and your fiancé want to do a first look, usually helps determine when and how long your photoshoot is. A typical photo shoot, without the First Look, is roughly 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes long. However, if you choose to do a First Look, I would say give approximately 2 hours before your ceremony for your photoshoot. It should allow your photographer enough time to capture what they need for your portraits and get “The Money Shot” or as we also like to call it, “the photo for your wall.”

This SHOULD answer any of your questions about how to schedule your Ceremony and Photoshoot, plus your First Look!