FAQ’s that Brides Always Ask

Roughly 50% of all brides are very unfamiliar with different aspects of their weddings. Every couple I have spoken to…

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9 Essential Tips When Shopping for Your Photographer

Wedding Photography is one of the most crucial parts of your wedding planning. This should be the most important part of your wedding planning. You want to get it right because after everything is said and done…

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12 Tips to make you Shine in your Wedding Portraits

So you’re probably wondering, how do I pose in my wedding portraits or engagement photos. Well I’m going to tell you. Here are…

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First Look or Look First?

Over time the formalities of a typical wedding day have changed. Being a wedding photographer, I have come across all different formalities of a wedding day. A lot of couples

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Get Cozy with these 6 Posing Tips for you’re Engagement Session

You’re probably thinking about your engagement session and how it’s going to go. You’re asking yourself how am I supposed to pose for my photos so I don’t look awkward or out of place. Keep these 6 tips in mind for your engagement session.

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Looking Your Best for your Engagement Session

So you’re probably wondering what you should wear for your engagement shoot. Not everyone has their own personal stylist, so I am here to help. I get the questions about clothing options for photoshoots…

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7 Essential Tips for Creating Your Guest List

You are probably at the point in your wedding planning process where your wedding date is decided and both your venue and photographer booked. Now it is time to find your dress, decide on your floral arrangements, do your cake tasting, figuring out your guest list…

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Shine with these 9 Tips for getting the Ultimate Ring shot

So now you’re engaged and you wanna show off that ring. You want it to glisten in the sunlight and make it stand out amongst all the others. You want to make that Instagram post to show off that you just got engaged. Get the photo just right by following these few rules of the RING finger!

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