Leann & Teresa Bridal Portrait Session Jackson NJ

Bridal Portrait Session Jackson NJ

Sometimes the most spontaneous planned sessions end up being some of your best work! The Bridal Portrait Session Jackson NJ that I did yesterday was beyond my wildest dreams. We have had a lot of snowfall here in February, so why not take advantage of it. Leann is a good friend of mine, and she reached out to me about doing a styled bridal session in the snow yesterday.

I immediately jumped on the opportunity to work with these two. We put a vision together to make this something dream-like. The idea was Ice Princess and Dark Princess! As Leann puts it, “When the Dark meets the Light,” I sent them some inspiration from Pinterest, and we went from there. Bridal Portrait Session Jackson NJ

We all live relatively close to one another. Even though the roads weren’t the greatest, we still managed to get to the location. Leann found this place called Colliers Mills, a remote place in Jackson, NJ. This Bridal Portrait Session Jackson, NJ, has been a dream come true.

We began with simple walking shots on the snow-covered dirt road that leads further into the park. With the snow-covered trees and white blanket behind them, these appeared dream-like and not taken in New Jersey.

It is so hard to find the right location in New Jersey because of how densely populated it is in most areas, and not only that but finding a location that you don’t need to obtain a permit in advance. It can be a pain in the butt. The best part most places don’t check for permits. It is just a way for the state to make money off us photographers. Bridal Portrait Session Jackson NJ

Bridal Session Jackson NJ

We started with Leann in an all-black wedding dress and Teresa in an off-white gown. These two nailed it; Leann’s hair was beautifully matched to the dress and the time of year. It’s almost like a messy look, but an “on purpose” messy look.

As beautiful as she is, Teresa did a more traditional hairstyle, and it worked SUPER well for the off-white dress that she chose AND the black dress she changed into for the second outfit!

The best part of it all…IT STARTED SNOWING. Not only was it a blanket of snow on the ground, BUT we had it falling from the sky. It added beautiful texture to the images, and I didn’t have to superimpose the images’ snowflakes.

Leann wanted to put on her wedding dress and take photos in it, but unfortunately, she couldn’t get in it without getting all wet and potentially getting ruined, so we opted to stick with the black dress and add some tiaras to the shoot. The tiaras are from Sweetvjewelery, a company where you can find inexpensive tiaras for your wedding day. They were STUNNING and very well made. I highly recommend them for your wedding. Bridal Portrait Session Jackson NJ

Leann brought a few for us to use and have a variety to pick from worked out well because we could mix and match them with all three dresses. My favorite one was the tiara with the blue gems in it! It added so much and really brought out Leann’s eyes.

Teresa had these really elegant purple little shall that covered her neck that added some color to the palette. I loved the flow and feel of both their dresses and the elegance of the entire shoot.

I am honored to work with such beautiful models and forces in the industry. I will definitely be teaming up with these ladies again, and next time, we will all be behind the camera instead of being in front of the camera.

Bridal Portrait Session Jackson NJ Bridal Portrait Session Jackson NJ

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