Christina & Justin Wedding Hamilton NJ

Wedding Hamilton NJ

St. George Greek Orthodox Church / Veteran’s Park

Christina and Justin’s Wedding Hamilton NJ was a special wedding for me. The stars were aligned that day and we were able to work together for their special day. I shot Christina and Justin’s Engagement Session in November 2019 at Rutger’s University. The timing didn’t work out for us and I wasn’t originally supposed to shoot their wedding, but because of COVID-19, Christina and Justin deciding to postpone their reception to 2021, and the wedding I was supposed to have been canceled, I was able to shoot their portraits and ceremony. I cannot begin to tell you all how excited I was and the images I was able to capture for them, were some of the best I have ever done!

We started off at Veteran’s Park in Hamilton, NJ for their first look and portraits. Although it was the middle of the day, we had enough shade covering that we were able to still get some beautiful stuff there. Justin’s Mom and Dad, his brother Phil and Christina’s Dad were all in attendance for the first look and family portraits at the park. Wedding Hamilton NJ

Wedding Hamilton NJ

Justin said he wasn’t nervous at all for anything that happened throughout the day. That is one thing about Christina and Justin that works the best. She gets nervous about things and he is calm, cool, and collected. They keep eachother balanced and in check. Christina said that by me being there for the day squashed her nerves about the entire day. Wedding Hamilton NJ

We got to the church and had some time to shoot some images before the start of the ceremony. Sometimes, I like to use the downtime to take some extra photos for the bride and groom. I asked them if I could take some more images of them. They were both on board for more stuff and let me tell you, ladies and gentlemen, the church images were the BEST images we took all. The images in front of the stain glass window were by far in the top 5 best images of mine.

We nailed all the images in the church and honestly, that made me feel better that I was going to deliver images to my standard, considering that the portraits were in direct sunlight and didn’t look as good as they could have.

The ceremony was at St. George Greek Orthodox Church, so it was a ceremony that I had never experienced. I thought it was beautiful and I truly enjoyed the ceremony. Christina said that Justin sometimes sings the church hymns and makes her laugh. “I was afraid I would start laughing during the ceremony. Luckily, I only laughed a few times!” Wedding Hamilton NJ

They walked down the aisle to a church hymn played by the organist and what was most unique about the ceremony was that most of it were sung by the priest. It was so unique and as I said, I truly enjoyed the ceremony.

Justin and Christina are looking forward to a life of peace and happiness. “I don’t think too much will change: we already live together and have a dog together!” Christina hasn’t decided if she is going to change her last name.

Their wedding was “simple and on a budget.” Christina ordered a fake flower bouquet on Amazon and their centerpieces were just picture frames of Justin and Christina. Their favorite food from the cocktail hour was Scallops, Bacon, and Cheesesteaks.

Their one piece of advice was don’t stress over the little things. Enjoy your engagement and remember that the most important two people are you and your significant other. Have good integrity, be on time, stick to your commitments, and build trust. At the end of the day Christina was Relieved and happy they were married and Justin was plain old tired. Wedding Hamilton NJ

I am honored to call these two my friends and to be there to capture your special day. I am so excited to see your relationship blossom into something more than it already is. Congratulations you two and I cannot wait to be there along the way.

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