Emily and Andrew Engagement Session Allentown NJ

Engagement Session Allentown NJ


This location never ceases to amaze me! We were back at the barn this week for Emily and Andrew’s engagement session. Every time we show up, I can find new places to shoot on the grounds, and it gets better and better each time.

Our original location for their engagement session was to go to the New Jersey Botanical Gardens in Ringwood, NJ. However, because of COVID-19, the state of NJ is still not allowing state parks to issue permits to photograph.

We had to move locations, and when I showed them the barn engagement session I did recently with Kate and Bryan, they were immediately sold.





Emily and Andrew have known eachother since the 4th grade. They went to two separate elementary schools but attended the same Middle School and High School. They both attended Pompton Lakes High School.

Emily said “Evidently, we’ve known each other since the 4th grade upon receiving an old picture of us at a church Peace Camp. However, we really became close friends in 8th grade and grew up together as friends and life partners since then.”



I asked Emily and Andrew how they fell in love and the best part about this is that they each told me their own answers, and then Emily told me the long term of them falling in love.

“Andrew and I fell deeper in love the longer we matured together since we were 14. Every year since then, our love and friendship continue to grow deeper and stronger, and there is nothing we can’t endure together.”

Andrew said, “There was one day I looked at her doing something mundane, and I thought to myself, ‘this is the one.”

When I asked Emily, she said, “My defining moment of realizing I was in love was going into our freshman year, watching Andrew sing and play guitar at Pompton Day. He sang Viva la Vida.”