Megan & Andrew Engagement Session Allentown NJ

Engagement Session Allentown NJ

I said to Megan and Andrew at their Engagement Session Allentown NJ that we were about to hit the industry with a WOW factor and boy did we deliver. I met Andrew and Megan at the beginning of 2020 when they entered my free engagement session contest. They inquired with me after one of the contests about the wedding and the timing just wasn’t right for the wedding, but we were able to get their engagement session done!

We discussed so many options for their engagement session. We went from something intimate and fun to something bolder like an all-black Halloween themed session. Which in the end, we ended up choosing. The original location we were going to shoot at for this session was Camp William Penn Lake, where I was last weekend for Maddi and Scott’s engagement session. However, after seeing the location in the summer vs. the winter, I knew that it wasn’t the right location for this type of session. So I reached out to Megan and Andrew about moving the session to the barn in Allentown, NJ. Engagement Session Allentown NJ

I knew it would give us the vibe that they wanted for the session and we would have a lot more to work with at the barn. They were completely blown away by the location. From the massive wheat fields, the two barns, house, porch, garden, and pool, this location is a photographer’s paradise. I love shooting at this location and I cannot wait for you all to see these images.

I wanted this session to be as true to the Halloween theme as possible. We went all out with props, smoke bombs, mirrors, and flowers. It took a lot to accomplish what we wanted, but when I delivered the images, Megan told me that we exceeded their expectations.

Engagement Session Allentown NJ

We did a total of three outfits. The first outfit was very casual, the second was more formal and the final look was their all-black outfit. Megan looked stunning in all her outfits and Andrew looked very handsome.

Andrew and Megan are big Halloween people and they were eager to get into their third outfit. I asked them before they changed into their all-black outfits if they were ready to make a statement on the industry. We all had been anticipating this session for a long time coming and we were all equally excited to create beautiful images with this engagement session. Engagement Session Allentown NJ

I am so honored to have met these two and we all got the chance to work together. Megan and Andrew will be tying the knot in November at Thousand Acre Farms.


Megan and Andrew met back in May of 2017. Megan started as a server at a restaurant called Firebirds. He was an executive chef and she was starting as a waitress. She had just moved back from Alabama and wanted to keep to herself. “Andrew introduced himself on my first day and I remember shaking his hand and feeling a spark. In June, I received a message from him and we talked that entire night. We had these butterflies that couldn’t be explained.” They kept their relationship a secret for 6 months. It wasn’t until February 2018, where they started making it public. “We grew inseparable and are so in love with one another.” Engagement Session Allentown NJ


Andrew and Megan went on their first date to Catch 202, a tiny hole in the wall bar in Wilmington, DE. “We went there because we couldn’t be seen together. I ordered wings and he ordered nachos and we split them! He never made me feel self-conscious about eating wings on our first date! We both ordered whiskey and a beer, great minds think alike.”

They ended up talking and spending time together there for 6 hours before they finally called it a night. They had their first kiss in the walk-in at work one day. “I was refilling the lemons and he came in and grabbed my waist and kissed me and walked back out and my cheeks were bright red” They started dating right after their first date. They knew they wanted to be together.


Megan told me that she says it was love at first sight. “It truly was, we said I love you on Andrew’s 28th birthday.” 3 months after they started dating. They spent so much time together and had so much in common. “We didn’t know at the time that we needed each other and it was a happiness that neither of us had ever felt before. We felt free, ourselves and nothing else mattered.” Engagement Session Allentown NJ


Megan and Andrew went on a family vacation to Cancun, Mexico with Megan’s family. It was the day of the proposal where Andrew asked Megan’s dad if he could marry her. When I met with them for their gallery reveal, Andrew told me this story and he even offered to wait until they got back to Delaware after the vacation, but the setting was so perfect, and being in Cancun Mexico, it was the perfect place to propose. He told me “I made her believe there was no way ever I was going to propose in Cancun, so she wouldn’t suspect anything.”

Every girl dreams of getting proposed to on a white sandy beach in a tropical location somewhere. Engagement Session Allentown NJ

“He took me to this beautiful spot right by the beach, found a security guard to take some “photos” of us. While I was turning around, he got down on one knee and said “can I be in the picture forever? Will you marry me?” Of course, I cried and said YES! It was right during the sunset and it couldn’t have been more perfect.” Engagement Session Allentown NJ

Andrew proposed to Megan in July 2019 at Secrets Maroma in Cancun, Mexico. Engagement Session Allentown NJ


I want to thank you so much for allowing me to capture your love story from behind my lens. I am so excited for you with all their future endeavors. I am honored to call you both close friends and I love you dearly. I cannot wait to see where the future brings you both and to watch your love blossom into something even more beautiful is something I am most excited about. Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Voss. Engagement Session Allentown NJ


“Walking down the aisle and sharing all that emotion together & our first dance.”


“Forbidden Love”


“Passionate, Loving, Carefree, Deep, Goofy”


“Our seven-year-old son, Andrew”


Tiffany’s – Ring

Bella & Bloom Boutique – Black Dress

Michael Kors – Button-Up Shirt

Tommy Hilfiger – Black Chinos

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