Carolann and Bryan Engagement Session Appalachian Trail

Engagement Session Appalachian Trail

Carolann and Bryan’s Engagement Session Appalachian Trail was so much fun!! Carolann and Bryan are the sweetest people ever and I can’t wait for everyone to see the images below. I met these lovely people back at the end of 2019 from one of my free engagement session contests! We had to reschedule their session a few times because of COVID-19 and rain!


Carolann and Bryan met when they attended Ronkonkoma Middle School. As we all know, most middle school relationships either don’t last or are “not real” As Carolann told me, that “…it sounds corny but for me, it was kind of love at first sight. I didn’t know him but I knew his friends.”

“One day in middle school my friends and I were hanging out after school by the Gym and I saw him from afar walking in.. he forgot a book in his locker. I literally went on a hunt to find him inside the school and I did! Introduced myself and then he found me on Myspace the next day!”

“We were together all of middle school as an official relationship and then when I went into high school we were still together but we hit a rough patch cause he was still in middle school then he came to high school we weren’t official offical again but we were still messing around and everyone just knew like that we were a thing lol then we got officially back together August 2010 and the rest is history “

Their first-ever date was in June of 2008 to the movies with their two friends. When they were in high school Bryan took her to a restaurant called Ragazzi.

Carolann was in 8th grade and Bryan was in 7th grade! The best part is that she sought him out and made sure she got to know him. Talk about young love at first sight. My favorite part is that they have been together this entire time and literally grew up as boyfriend and girlfriend!!