A.J. and Nick Engagement Session Asbury Park Asbury NJ

Engagement Session Asbury Park Asbury NJ

A.J. and Nick’s Engagement Session Asbury Park Asbury NJ will go down in my photography history as one of my favorite sessions of all time!! A.J. and Nick did an amazing job with their engagement session. From start to finish, their session was a HUGE success! I cannot get over how beautiful their love is and how amazing these images are.

I met A.J. and Nick earlier this year, but I have known A.J. since my freshman year of college, back in 2012. So this session was a little easier for them because A.J. knew me and I had met Nick on a Skype call a few months ago.

Their outfit choices we SPOT on because they chose a neutral color palette because the murals that we used as their background had so much color and we were able to bring those colors out in the images. I cannot wait for you to see these images and read their love story.



A.J. and Nick met back in 2016 during the holiday season. and they met on Tinder. As they put it, they are a Tinder success story which started about 2 weeks before they met eachother for the first time in person. “For those two weeks, we talked about everything and anything you can imagine – just trying to figure out exactly who we were and what we wanted out of this “relationship” moving forward.”

At the time, Nick lived in Philly and A.J. lived in Central NJ, so the probability of a long-distance relationship was slim, but we gave it a shot anyway. The weekend of Thanksgiving, Nick invited A.J. over for an impromptu movie night at his mom’s while he was home in Staten Island for a few days. “OK – probably not the smartest idea going over to your Tinder date’s mom’s house for the first time, but we did it anyway.”

A.J. met nick’s mom and stepdad and we had an amazing night. “We did nothing but talk and throw on some background movie to just fill the void. I think we actually talked so much that by the time we started to watch a movie it was after midnight. We didn’t wrap up our “first date” until about 3:00 AM. From there – the rest is history!”





“It’s hard for us to pinpoint an exact moment that we “fell in love.” From the beginning, we always felt a magnetic connection to each other that was unexplainable. Everything about our time together felt completely comfortable. Every time we were together, our masks came off and we were completely ourselves. Even though the distance, and the typical issues couples have, we always found a way to bring it back to how we feel.”

“We consider our love to be like a beautiful plant – if you give it the love and attention it deserves, and you take care of it, it’s going to continue to grow and bloom and be the best it can be. Sure, there are going to be some speed bumps along the way, but at the end of the day, it comes down to the effort and work you’re willing to give to see just how beautiful it can become.”




Nick proposed to A.J. in Copenhagen Denmark on September 24, 2019. To backtrack, Nick had been planning the proposal since June of that same year. He took his mom’s engagement interlock band to a jeweler that month and had a new ring made for A.J. from the diamonds in her band.

They were scheduled to go on a mini-Eurotrip in September into October that would cover Copenhagen, Berlin, Munich, and Amsterdam. Nick had a sentimental connection to Copenhagen because it’s where he studied abroad, one of his favorite places in the world, and it’s where he came out – so he knew that is exactly where he wanted to ask A.J. to marry him.

They had been in Copenhagen for about 2 days and Nick set the scene perfectly – Nick had already shown A.J. most of Copenhagen, but he wanted to take A.J. to the Church of Our Savior to see the entire city in one shot. After climbing to the top of the church (after a little panic from A.J.’s fear of heights that Nick didn’t know about), Nick pointed out each part of Copenhagen from above and why it meant so much to him.

Nick then proceeded to explain that this would be the most special place in the city on top of all of them because we were together. Nick then got down on one knee and asked A.J. to marry him! “We spent the rest of the trip on cloud 9. To this day, it was the best day of our lives!”




“The thing we’re most excited about at our wedding is just having all of our loved ones in one place celebrating. Our relationship feeds of our the people we surround ourselves with, it’s one of the reasons we just click so well. We love “our people” and we just want to celebrate the love we’ve been able to share with them over the 5 years we would have been together by that point.”

“We’re also excited for all that obvious stuff – great food, good dancing, just a fun time in general. But we cannot wait to share the moment with the people we love most and open a new chapter in our lives with these people.”


“Thankful for you”


Caring, Supportive, Loving, Trusting, Comfortable


“Our pets – we have a 3-year-old Great Pyrenees and a 3-year-old cat (Parker and Selena) and they have become our entire world. We always joke that the work we do in our house is to make their lives better lol, but it’s the truth. We both love animals and we love getting to have fun with them and just make their lives as great and loving as they make ours.”





H&M, Five Four Club, Steve Madden, GAP, American Eagle.

AJ’s engagement ring is a custom ring from Buono Jewelers in Staten Island.


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