Maddi and Scott Engagement Session Camp William Penn Lake PA

Engagement Session Camp William Penn Lake PA

Maddi and Scott’s Engagement Session Camp William Penn Lake PA was a significant success. This session was so beautiful that we almost cried when we got done. I met with Maddi and Scott back in January when they reached out about wedding details. We chatted about what they wanted for their ideal engagement session, and as soon as they told me what they wanted to do, I knew that Camp William Penn Lake was the perfect location. Engagement Session Camp William Penn Lake

I found this place from a friend of mine who lives not too far from there. When I was there back in the winter, it looked very different than it was when I was there last weekend.

We started by the lake, but it was very still and had a lot of bugs around. The dock was excellent, and I was excited about being able to fly the drone there and have Maddi and Scott lying on the dock. Engagement Session Camp William Penn Lake

These two were down for everything and anything! They emailed me a couple of weeks ago telling me that they want to take photos in the water more than anything else! This was the perfect location for what they wanted to do because I knew there was a river with logs and rocks, which is something that Maddi and Scott wanted for their session.

This session was quite eventful. I fell in the river twice, we encountered a sleeping snake and got bit a few times by some bugs. However, I was able to fly my drone, and we honestly had a great day of shooting. Engagement Session Camp William Penn Lake

Maddi and Scott picked beautiful outfits, and the colors worked beautifully with the river, trees, and rocks around them. On our way to the river, we took photos on the road. The road was the perfect setting for what we wanted to do with their session. Engagement Session Camp William Penn Lake

As a rule of thumb, pick a time of day or location where there is a lot of shade. Camp William Penn Lake has a lot of shade. The road shots were some of my favorites, and if you check out my Instagram, you will see a photo of me lying on the ground in the middle of the road that Andrea took because I look so funny taking the picture.

I think this session was a HUGE success, and I cannot wait to share the rest of their story with you all.