Jenny & Kate Engagement Session Haddonfield NJ

Engagement Session Haddonfield NJ

Jenny and Kate’s Engagement Session Haddonfield, NJ, was so much fun, and this stands true to the say that “LOVE IS LOVE.” No matter what, we all need to remember that love is love, no matter who it is between. I cannot begin to tell you all how fun and outgoing these two are. The first thing that Kate said to me when I got to their house on Sunday was that she was nervous, so they had a champagne bottle. Morning sessions can sometimes be difficult because not all the juices are flowing yet, but we nailed this session. Engagement Session Haddonfield NJ

I told her not to worry and that we were going to have a lot of fun. Mind you all; it was 10 a.m. A little early mimosa isn’t bad on a beautiful Sunday fall morning. Engagement Session Haddonfield NJ

I met Jenny and Kate back in the summer of 2020. They entered a FREE engagement session contest that I was running, and I couldn’t wait to meet these two and get the ball rolling on their engagement session.

When we spoke about ideas for what they wanted, they had just moved into a new house, so Jenny and Kate wanted to make sure we got photos in the new house. I love at-home sessions for more reasons than I love outdoor sessions. They’re cozy, warm, fun, and very relaxed. They’re not these fancy, glammed up sessions that we sometimes have. Engagement Session Haddonfield NJ

Their little porch in their backyard was quaint and the perfect spot to start their session. My brain was mush from the wedding I had the night before, so I started the session, letting Jenny and Kate do their thing and get used to being in front of the camera. Of course, Benny had to make sure he was a part of the session as well. He jumped on Jenny’s lap and just hung out while we took some images.

Benny is the most well-behaved pup I have worked with to date. At one point, he sat down in front of me, looked at me, and put his paw on my leg. He was like, can you take a photo of me. Of course, I made sure to take some photos of Benny with Jenny and Kate in the background. Some of my favorite shots from the sessions. Engagement Session Haddonfield NJ

Engagement Session Haddonfield NJ