Jenny & Kate Engagement Session Haddonfield NJ

Engagement Session Haddonfield NJ

Jenny and Kate’s Engagement Session Haddonfield, NJ, was so much fun, and this stands true to the say that “LOVE IS LOVE.” No matter what, we all need to remember that love is love, no matter who it is between. I cannot begin to tell you all how fun and outgoing these two are. The first thing that Kate said to me when I got to their house on Sunday was that she was nervous, so they had a champagne bottle. Morning sessions can sometimes be difficult because not all the juices are flowing yet, but we nailed this session. Engagement Session Haddonfield NJ

I told her not to worry and that we were going to have a lot of fun. Mind you all; it was 10 a.m. A little early mimosa isn’t bad on a beautiful Sunday fall morning. Engagement Session Haddonfield NJ

I met Jenny and Kate back in the summer of 2020. They entered a FREE engagement session contest that I was running, and I couldn’t wait to meet these two and get the ball rolling on their engagement session.

When we spoke about ideas for what they wanted, they had just moved into a new house, so Jenny and Kate wanted to make sure we got photos in the new house. I love at-home sessions for more reasons than I love outdoor sessions. They’re cozy, warm, fun, and very relaxed. They’re not these fancy, glammed up sessions that we sometimes have. Engagement Session Haddonfield NJ

Their little porch in their backyard was quaint and the perfect spot to start their session. My brain was mush from the wedding I had the night before, so I started the session, letting Jenny and Kate do their thing and get used to being in front of the camera. Of course, Benny had to make sure he was a part of the session as well. He jumped on Jenny’s lap and just hung out while we took some images.

Benny is the most well-behaved pup I have worked with to date. At one point, he sat down in front of me, looked at me, and put his paw on my leg. He was like, can you take a photo of me. Of course, I made sure to take some photos of Benny with Jenny and Kate in the background. Some of my favorite shots from the sessions. Engagement Session Haddonfield NJ

Engagement Session Haddonfield NJ

Jenny and Kate have a swing in their side yard, and it was a must-have shot for both of them. Jenny once told Kate how she always wanted a swing in her front yard, so Kate bought her one, and they hung it in their side yard. Then they had a friend of theirs draw a picture of them with the swing, so they asked if we could recreate the drawing. These were so fun and cute. I am glad that we used the swing.

After we finished at the house, they changed into their second outfit, and we went into town. Jenny loves architecture, and so she wanted to use some in their photos. We walked around the town and picked some cool spots with a rustic feel to take some more photos. Engagement Session Haddonfield NJ

From there, we ended in front of their favorite beer spot and sealed it with a kiss. Engagement Session Haddonfield NJ

I am honored to have captured their love from behind my lens, and I wish this two nothing but happiness and good health throughout their marriage. Jenny and Kate will be tying the knot in May 2021 at Bellevue Manor in Wilmington, DE. Engagement Session Haddonfield NJ



“Jenny and I first met at Ulysses, a pub in Wilmington, DE. Our first conversation transitioned from the wonderful children we work with to serial killers, to which way to put the toilet paper on, and we pretty much fell in love right there.”


“We met at the beer garden where we tried just about every beer they had while playing a highly disputed game of connecting 4. We stayed there laughing, playing, drinking, and talking for hours before we were even aware of it. We were both nervous on the walkout, and I could tell Jenny wanted me to kiss her, so I leaned in, panicked, and gave her a strange, lingering side hug before she got in her car and pulled away.”

“I started walking back to my car, feeling ridiculous when Jenny’s car quickly turned back into the lot. She parked in the middle of the road, got out of her car, and kissed me. Then she coyly got back into her car, and I walked to mine, trying not to start doing a strange parking lot dance.”

Their first date was at Wilmington BrewWorks.


“See above….only we didn’t know it. I first told Jenny I loved her by accident, and she luckily didn’t hear it. We were out in Philly, and she started telling a story to the bartender who was clearly not invested.”

“Undeterred, Jenny told the story with such enthusiasm and glee that I couldn’t help but laugh. Suddenly I heard myself say, “oh my god, I love you”… my eyes opened wide, and I chugged my margarita trying to figure out if she heard me and if I really did….and I did. We didn’t actually say it to each other until a few months after that, also by surprise.”

Engagement Session Haddonfield NJ


“I got a call from a friend of mine who’s daughter used to be in my class, asking me to meet them one Saturday morning in the park. I had been bugging Kate for ages to get engaged, but she wanted to wait. Unbeknownst to me, Kate had roped my friend into setting up the surprise. After the park, I stopped at Michael’s to pick up some tie-dye for an upcoming family trip. Kate called me and insisted that I had to come home right away because she really missed me. I told her I was coming. She called back and yelled, “Are you at Michael’s right now? Get home!”

“I could not figure out what her problem was. As I drove down our street 20 minutes later, I spotted a giant balloon arch. As I approached and realized it was our driveway, I knew what was happening. I left my car running in the middle of the street and ran down the driveway to hug her, saying, “Yes! I’ll marry you.” Kate replied, “What? I didn’t ask you anything yet.”

“She had a little table set up with champagne under the tree swing that she made for me, and our song was playing. It was the most romantic, perfect moment. Up the driveway, she had drawn beautiful chalk pictures of three grand proposal plans she had arranged before COVID got in the way. But this was much, much better.”

Kate proposed to Jenny under their tree swing in June of 2020.


“I am most excited about the moment I see Kate in her dress. She is a gorgeous person I have ever seen, and my heart catches at the sight of her daily. I am also excited for a moment later in the night when we are sitting alone at our sweetheart table, and we look around the tent at all of our friends and family and know that we are loved and supported and that the most wonderful future awaits us. We get to do it all together.”


“Serial Killers put the toilet paper on backward: A Netflix Documentary.”


“Deep, Growing, Loving, Fun and Full-of-misadventure”


“Our family. The one we have now with our dog and our cat and the one we will build in the future with our children.”

Engagement Session Haddonfield NJ


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Engagement Session Haddonfield NJ

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