Steph & Shawn Engagement Session Hartshorne Woods Park NJ

Engagement Session Hartshorne Woods Park

Steph and Shawn’s Engagement Session Hartshorne Woods Park in Atlantic Highlands, NJ, was nothing less than spectacular. These two were a load of fun and I cannot wait to share all these images with you!

I met Steph and Shawn just a few months ago when a friend of mine referred them to me. I reached out to Steph and we hit it off instantly. They told me that they wanted something unique and different for their engagement session. We talked about a few locations as a possibility for their session but in the end, they decided on Hartshorne Woods Park. Engagement Session Hartshorne Woods Park

This place is huge, so big, that you have to drive 10 minutes to get to the other entrance which is closest to the Navesink River. Steph and Shawn had gone there a few days prior and scouted out the place. I am so grateful that they did because although there was a lot to do there, this was the prime location to shoot. The session lasted about 2 hours and it probably could have lasted longer. Engagement Session Hartshorne Woods Park

We got there and the sun was still pretty high, so it made it a little difficult to shoot, but as it started to dip behind the trees, it was the best golden hour lighting that I have had since the beginning of the summer. It is finally feeling like fall sessions and it makes me super excited. The leaves are starting to change and we are getting cooler weather for weddings and engagement sessions. However, for the first day of fall, it was really warm.

I had to get my bearings once we got there, since I was unfamiliar with the place, I wanted to make sure I was starting in the right spot. We started off really simple and eased into the more fun and intimate poses later on. We couldn’t use the dock right away, so we worked the brush on the one side first. Engagement Session Hartshorne Woods Park

Engagement Session Hartshorne Woods Park

I was trying to find the shade to shoot under for the first 30 minutes was like finding a needle in a haystack. Almost near to impossible, but the shade that I was able to find work well. I always try to use the sun to my advantage. I use it as a backlight, sidelight, or front light. However, sometimes it is so direct that it creates harsh shadows, and the images don’t look right. But, as professionals, we make it work and make it