Kate and Bryan Sunset Engagement Session Long Beach Island NJ

Engagement Session Long Beach Island NJ

I absolutely love shooting with these two! So we decided to do another session, this time on the beach and at sunset! Kate knew I had bought a drone by DJI and she wanted to shoot a session using the drone, so that we did! I cannot wait to keep shooting with both of them, especially for their wedding. Engagement Session Long Beach Island NJ

Engagement Session Long Beach Island NJ



Kate and Bryan met in high school, but as Kate puts it, “however, we do not have your ‘typical’ high school love story.” When Kate told me how they met, I laughed out loud!!

Flashback to 2005 in the halls of Northern Burlington Regional High School, Bryan was three years younger than Kate. He was a sophomore, and she was a senior. Bryan was a lot shorter back then. When she would see him in the halls, he was a lot timider, but she certainly noticed him. She says it was when “he developed his undying love for her.” Engagement Session Long Beach Island NJ

Flash forward ten years, Bryan moved on to play professional baseball for the Visalia Rawhide, Southbend Silverhawks, and the Missoula Osprey, which are all affiliate teams of the Arizona Diamond Backs. Kate had become a kindergarten teacher at John Hydock Elementary School in the same classroom that Bryan sat in back when he was in first grade. Cute right?

Kate was out one night, and she saw him with some friends. He was a very different person than the little sophomore that she knew in high school. “I just remember feeling an overwhelming attraction towards him.”

She was intrigued, but she didn’t overthink it. Now, if you ask me, that underlying attraction from years ago is getting hot and heavy. Engagement Session Long Beach Island NJ

In 2018, Bryan reached out to Kate through social media and asked to go a date with her. Kate was hesitant to start anything due to past relationships, but she did promise Bryan that she would get drinks with him. But, for two months, Kate avoided Bryan’s messages, but he was quite persistent. But the day they met is quite hilarious! This is how Kate put it.

“The day we actually MET, I went into the bar, which I knew he worked part-time. I had my friend check to ensure he wasn’t working so that I could avoid him, even. Little to my knowledge, the shifts were about to change. Sure enough, Bryan walked in for his shift. When I was in mid-sentence with a chicken wing in my mouth as he screamed, “Kate Fehn? In my bar ?” I almost died. And the chicken wing fell out of my mouth.” Engagement Session Long Beach Island NJ

I think that is the best “how they met” story ever, stuff you cannot make up!




The night they met in the bar, Bryan made it even harder for her to see him again. This time she felt like she had no choice. “So much of my heart was telling me to but being hurt SO much from many past relationships; I was scared to let down my walls.”

This is a part Kate asked me to include for all of you to rea