Cate & Cody Engagement Session Lost Gulch Boulder CO

Engagement Session Lost Gulch Boulder CO

Talk about a beautiful mountain top engagement session! I am so excited to share these photos. Cate & Cody’s Engagement Session Lost Gulch Boulder CO was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen on this trip! 3 miles up atop all of Boulder CO sits the Lost Gulch Overlook. The beauty this area offers for the many people who visit there every year.

The beautiful snow that fell while we were shooting was absolutely magnificent and added so much to their session. The weather in Colorado truly does change at the drop of a hat, so the fact that we had snow, clouds, and sun all in the matter of 2 hours we were shooting up there made me laugh. Engagement Session Lost Gulch Boulder CO

The best part about Cate & Cody’s Engagement Session Lost Gulch Boulder CO was how amazing these two really are. Their personalities are infectious and you can see how in love these two are! Such amazing people and we are honored to have met these amazing people while we were there. Engagement Session Lost Gulch Boulder CO

I cannot tell you all enough how beautiful this location is and Cate & Cody picked the right outfits for this location! The grey dress matched perfectly with the cloudy snow we had and their casual outfits added a pop of color to bring their entire session to life.

I truly loved working with these two amazing people and I cannot wait to see them again at their wedding! Congrats to the future Mr. and Mrs.

Engagement Session Lost Gulch Boulder CO



“On December 10, 2017, I was lucky enough to get to go to a Denver Broncos game with one of my best friends. (Side note* I was supposed to have my kids with me, but I had asked their dad if they would be able to spend the full day with them instead so I could go. My best friend’s boyfriend was supposed to go with her, but he had to work that day. She called me the day before the game and asked me if I would like to go with her since she had an extra ticket. Needless to say… I am so glad that I had been able to go)”

“Not going to lie, my best friend and I pre-gamed pretty hard before that game and made a bunch of new friends while tailgating. After FAR TOO MANY drinks, I decided that I REALLY needed a cigarette during part of the game.”

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