Rebecca & Carl Engagement Session Manasquan NJ

Engagement Session Manasquan NJ

Rebecca and Carl’s Engagement Session Manasquan NJ was so much fun and I am so proud of how well these two did! The had just got back from a week trip in Minnesota & Illinois that morning, so the session was a little rough on my end, however, I am so happy with how the images came out. Engagement Session Manasquan NJ

The weather was not on our side and it was very windy, the tide was higher than normal and there was seafoam all over the shoreline. The beach was surprisingly crowded considering the weather and time of day. One thing I have learned about Manasquan is that no matter what the weather is or what time of year it is, the beach is ALWAYS crowded.

I met Rebecca and Carl back in January of this year from referral through a bridal expo. When she first reached out to me, she said that they were still in the beginning stages of booking a photographer and they wanted to wait. We kept in touch throughout the entire year and when we met to talk about their wedding, they were super excited about planning this epic engagement session.

This summer has had beautiful weather, amazing sunsets and wonderful couples to have worked with. Engagement Session Manasquan NJ



Rebecca and Carl met in middle school. They both grew up on opposite sides of town and attended different elementary schools. Rebecca moved to South Carolina for 2 years and when she moved back that’s when she and Carl officially met. Engagement Session Manasquan NJ

“We were both in band and played the trumpet, but our real shared love was over baseball. We were friends for years but nothing more than just talking to each other when we saw each other.”


Carl took Rebecca on their first date to the movies at Kinnelon Cinemas which was a week before he asked her to be his girlfriend. Engagement Session Manasquan NJ

“Our first date is really funny! It was a rainy day, both of us had practice moved inside. After practice, I got a text from him that asked me if I wanted to go see Bridesmaids with him. I assumed he meant to go with our entire friend group. When he responded and said that meant for it to be the two of us, my heart jump out of my chest. He picked me up and drove me to the movies.”

“When the movie started, the very first scene was SUPER awkward because it was a sex scene between Kristen Wiig and Jon Hamm, but because it was a comedy it was hysterical. We both looked like a dear in headlights!! The movie went on, we settled in, the nerves faded. On our way home, he played Rascal Flatts in his car and sang the entire way home. It was such an effortless night”



Their love story is long but really sweet. When I asked Rebecca how they fell in love, this is what she told me.

“Throughout high school, I had a crush on him. He played varsity football, I was in the marching band, he played baseball, I played softball. We were both always active in the same seasons. Senior year of high school, on the first day of school, a friend of ours told Carl “Rebecca loves you.” Engagement Session Manasquan NJ

“I was mortified and couldn’t even look at him for weeks. I finally texted him and explained that I really valued our friendship and I was sorry about what happened, it was just a crush. Senior year changed everything for us. We formed a friend group among mixed people: my sister, my best friend, his best friend, a shared friend, and ourselves.”

“From this friend group forming, our friendship evolved from talking in passing to talking every day, to hanging out 3-4 days a week. We became each other’s best friend. Every baseball and softball game, we were each other’s biggest fans. Every bus ride home from away games, we tried to sit by each other to talk. The softball and baseball teams played true matchmaker trying to get us to become a couple. The crushing feeling rushed back.” Engagement Session Manasquan NJ

“On May 20, 2011, we were hanging out with our friends. We were watching the Yankee game when suddenly a box dropped in my lap with a note that said “Will you be my girlfriend?” Our school was small and super involved. Our principal always did the end of the week announcements.”

“That week, I heard a different voice jump on after our principal finished (a friend of mine) and she said “I also would like to congratulate Carl Larson and Rebecca Vander Brink on finally become a couple. Carl and I ran out of our last period classrooms, found each other, and left school among a parade of our entire senior class high fiving and hugging us.”

“My best friend (and MOH) is the truest credit as to how we ended up together. Carl and I were both very shy and she nudged us both in subtle ways. Well, it worked! July 8, 2011, we share our first kiss and told each other we loved each other. What is special for us is that we are each other’s first for everything. First girlfriend/boyfriend, first kiss, first love. One in a million.”

THAT IS SO COOL! Imagine getting a parade of people congratulating you on your relationship, I wish that happened to me! These two were meant to be together and after reading their story, I am so glad they ended up together and are going to have their fairytale ending. Engagement Session Manasquan NJ


Carl proposed to Rebecca on Christmas morning in 2018. “It was Christmas morning, we had just finished opening our gifts. I was cleaning up our apartment living room and he said he would go make us a pot of coffee. When the coffee was done, he asked if I could make him a cup.”

“I walked into the kitchen and noticed a small gift behind the coffee pot. I opened it and both of us blacked out from excitement. From what we could put together, he said: “Rebecca Vander Brink, I love you so much, will you marry me?” I cried, A LOT. It was the most perfect morning just the two of us.”

Coffee and Christmas, my ideal combination of love!! Who doesn’t like either of those? Having met Carl & Rebecca and seeing them interact as a couple, their love is so sweet, and proposing on Christmas morning is a magical time of year to get engaged. Engagement Session Manasquan NJ


“To marry my best friend. He says the same. And sharing that with all of our loved ones. Our love story has been such a tremendous journey. We started out as kids, we had to get through really tough times when life got real (college, jobs, etc.), navigate EVERY chapter blindly, and yet we wouldn’t change a thing. Our every obstacle we worked together to overcome. It made us a true team.” Engagement Session Manasquan NJ


Engagement Session Manasquan NJ




“Genuine, Effortless, Fun, Honest, Loyal”


“Family, having our own family one day and spending time with the ones we have. Friends, the adventures we’ve taken and the memories we’ve made and will continue to make. Sports, our shared loved of all things baseball (New York Yankees), hockey (New Jersey Devils), football (Pittsburgh Steelers), and basketball (Brooklyn Nets – just him really but I am supportive).”


Engagement Ring – Helzberg

Clothes – Target, DSW, Kohls

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