Kristina and Brian Engagement Session Manasquan NJ

Engagement Session Manasquan NJ

Kristina and Brian’s Engagement Session Manasquan NJ was so much fun, and I truly enjoyed working with these two! I met Kristina and Brian at the end of last year when I was booked for their wedding through their DJ company. It just so happens that Kristina’s best friend is cousin’s with one of my best friends and she knew of me, but I didn’t know who they were when I was booked for their wedding.

When we had first hopped on a call to chat about the details of their wedding, they weren’t too sure about doing an engagement session, but after seeing the recent work I had done, she reached out to me about doing an engagement session for them. Our original plan was to shoot their engagement session at Cattus Island in Toms River NJ. Still, after reading some of the requirements to photograph there, we decided on a different location.

Being from Point Pleasant, Kristina thought of Manasquan Inlet and Fisherman’s Cove as a great location to shoot their engagement photos. Even though it was hot, humid, and crowded, they had a great time.

The outfits Kristina had chosen for them were perfect. My favorite was the second outfit. The way that the pink photographed against the green trees and leaves made them pop and brightened up the photos even more.

Their session indeed was a lot of fun, and I am so excited for their wedding. They will be tying the knot in November 2020 at the Crystal Ballroom in Freehold, NJ!




Kristina and Brian met through some mutual friends during their freshman year of college at East Stroudsburg University. “There was an America themed party in a basement. Our mutual friend I had invited asked if she could bring her group of guy friends. I said, of course. When they showed up, Brian was the only guy wearing a bright green shirt to the party, while everyone was in red, white, and blue.”

“So, of course, I had to tease him about it. We hit it off at that party and hung out every day after that. A month later, I was in his dorm room, and he asked me if I could restart his computer for him. When I went to his laptop, on the screen was a Powerpoint slide with a pink heart and the words, “Will you be my Girlfriend?” on it.”

It was a cute way to ask someone out. Having met Brian and interacting with him at their engagement session, I could tell he is more of a quiet and reserved person! So, the way he asked Kristina to be his girlfriend was an excellent Brian way of doing it.




I asked Brian and Kristina how they fell in love with eachother. Kristina told me that Brian said to her that he loved her during their sophomore year of college after a few months of dating. “He accidentally slipped and said it as he hung up a phone call. I told him I was in love with him a few months after that after he met my entire family at a party all at once.”

“I knew he was the one our junior year when I left to go to class, and I came back to my room cleaned, bed made, and my penguin tucked into bed with a love note.”

When I asked Brian how he fell in love with Kristina, this is what he said. “We were having dinner at our college union in our sophomore year. I was having pizza, and she had a wrap. The way we were joking and laughing together, I just knew she was the one.”

There is that classic saying of “when you know, you know,” and I am so excited for these two that they found eachother and fell in love during the moments that they did! It makes my heart so happy!




“Brian took me to our favorite sushi restaurant and insisted we went to our river beach near my house for the sunset. Brian barely ate that night and didn’t complain when I ordered an extra roll because I couldn’t decide between two.”

“Our dinner was super quick that night and the sun were nowhere near setting. So I suggested we get ice cream after to kill some time. He was furiously texting someone while in line for ice cream.”

“After that, we went to the river beach. We walked along the path down to the beach, and Brian made a beeline for a specific spot in the sand. I followed behind, not sure why he was rushing. When we got to the spot, there was a heart in the sand out of flower petals and a painted shell that said marry me? He was down on one knee and asked the question, and I almost forgot to answer.”

“I said yes, and my sister was there taking pictures, and shortly after he kissed me, both our moms popped out of the seagrass to surprise us. The rest of our family joined shortly after to enjoy the sunset with us. The couple who lived at the house next to the beach gave us a bottle of champagne to celebrate. The next day my mom had planned a surprise engagement party.”

I think the best part of how Brian proposed was that Kristina had 0 clues that he had planned this entire elaborate proposal for Kristina, and he wanted the moment to be perfect for her. On the beach at sunset with the rose petals and the painted shell. He didn’t want to miss the opportunity to propose under that setting, and he didn’t want to ruin the surprise for Kristina by hinting at anything. This was such a fantastic proposal to hear about.

Brian proposed to Kristina in July 2019




Kristina told me that she is most excited to marry her best friend and celebrate with their friends and family. Brian said to me that he is most excited to enjoy the most important of their lives with all their family and friends.


“A Warrior’s Heart: A tale of young love.”


“Funny, Heartfelt, Romantic, Supportive, Adventurous”






Lee Richard’s Jewelry- Ring
Dress/ Jumpsuit- Nanamac’s Boutique
Golf Ball – Callaway
Anything Brian Wears- Marshall’s


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