David and Chris Engagement Session New Hope PA

Engagement Session New Hope PA

For David and Chris’s engagement session we adventured someplace new. We went to New Hope, PA, and Lambertville, NJ, a location David and Chris know very well.


When I met David and Chris, we hit it off great, and I was super excited to get photograph their love story. We started on a bridge, and the location with the way the sun was hitting them wasn’t working for the way I envisioned their session.

So I told them, let’s move over to the graffiti trains because I knew it would be easier to start there since there was no direct sunlight.

The trains were a fantastic spot, and I will go back to that location to shoot. I told David when we were leaving the trains, “I think I found my new favorite place to shoot for anyone who wants trains or in a rustic location.”

Once they got all the nervous jitters out and were more comfortable in front of my camera, the engagement session flowed so smoothly.

Enough about their engagement session, let’s talk about how these two love birds met!




Let’s flashback about 10 years ago to when David and Chris met online. What is really cool about doing their engagement session in New Hope, PA, is that New Hope was the place where David and Chris went on their first date.

From there David and Chris’s relationship started. ‘We always had so much fun together and that started from day one.



“We fell in love because our connection as friends took off and our bond grew. We have always had a great time together from traveling to enjoying every day to the fullest.”

“From dinners out to just us two sitting together having a few drinks. Every moment we spend together is just as fun and exciting as the last.” ”

Our comical yet loving relationship offers spontaneity and laughter which is what keeps our love so strong. It was truly love at first sight.”

I think that Chris and David’s love story is the perfect love story and how all love stories should go! Start out as friends and then turn into a life partner.


David and Chris love to travel. At the end of the summer in 2018, they took a trip to Italy. They were touring various cities throug