Nicole & Stephan Engagement Session NJ Botanical Gardens

Engagement Session NJ Botanical Gardens

As much as I hate the cold, I absolutely love winter sessions! ESPECIALLY when there is snow on the ground! Nicole and Stephan’s Engagement Session NJ Botanical Gardens was beautiful, luxurious, and a lot of fun! I met Nicole and Stephan from a free engagement session contest that I ran for December. I love their personality, and you can tell how much Stephan loves Nicole. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her, and whenever I had them getting all snuggly, he kept kissing her on the forehead. It was the cutest thing.

The amount of snow we trekked through was over 2 feet, and a ton of it got in my boots! This winter has been unpredictable, so many sessions have been postponed, but I am so excited that we finally got to shoot. Engagement Session NJ Botanical Gardens

We started in front of the manor, which is commonplace to start for photographers at Skylands Manor. One of my favorite prompts to start with are some walking prompts. Nicole and Stephan had so many laughs with the hip-bumping walk. They were the best at it compared to all of my other shoots I have done that with. Engagement Session NJ Botanical Gardens

Engagement Session NJ Botanical Gardens

The white blanket of snow that we had to work with added so much to the session. However, it took a lot to walk through the snow, every minute of our snow trek around the grounds.

Winter sessions have such a neutral palette that we rely on the outfit colors, snow, and green pine trees to add color to the images. The surrounding areas can be bland and dreary, so it’s important to have pops of color in the images.

We were cold and wet, but they made an outfit change into something more formal, and the choice was cohesive, fancy and the images we took in this outfit are my favorite from the session.

One of the new things I am incorporating is props that are adding elegance to my sessions. The clear umbrellas worked out so well yesterday. I had Nicole and Stephan start with one each, and then after taking some photos with them, we moved over to one. The one umbrella was PERFECT. Nicole got the Mary Poppins bug in her when she picked up the umbrellas and started making some of the dance moves from the original movie. Engagement Session NJ Botanical Gardens

The place was fairly empty yesterday, so we pretty much had a free run of the grounds without any disturbances from other people. We finished up at the most famous spot at the NJ Botanical Gardens, the Mall. The line of trees that has the Manor in the distance. It is my favorite part of the grounds. Engagement Session NJ Botanical Gardens