Jon and Kristina Engagement Session Point Pleasant Beach NJ

Engagement Session Point Pleasant Beach NJ

Jon and Kristina’s engagement session in Point Pleasant Beach NJ was one for the books! Amongst all of this bad in the world, getting out and being able to get back some sort of normalcy has been a blessing, and this session was one to remember.

When I initially met with Jon and Kristina about their engagement session, we had scheduled it for May 2020.

However, due to the Corona Virus, we had to reschedule for June, hoping that most places were open. Let me tell you, this session went smoothly, and some of the shots we were able to capture we wouldn’t have been able to do if it was open at full capacity.

Engagement Session Point Pleasant NJ


Jon and Kristina met the “old fashioned” way. On Bumble. Online dating has become such a dominant way of meeting people that this has become the new norm for meeting new people.

They met back in January of 2016 and have inseparable ever since. As Kristina puts it, “After talking a bit, we discovered we worked in the same industry (television production) and knew lots of the same people.”

I love when I meet couples who say that they met online and have been together since they met, it is so nice to know that is a possibility. I have been on those dating apps and let me tell you, I have had zero luck with those apps.

Most girls in my generation don’t take it seriously and the ones that do, we don’t click well. So I am so happy for Jon and Kristina because they found eachother online and have been together ever since.




When I asked Jon and Kristina how they fell in love, Kristina put it in very simple terms.

“One day Jon came to my apartment to cook fish tacos and we made a 90s/2000s throwback playlist together. Then we finagled a chocolate lava cake out of random ingredients in my pantry. It was that day we knew we were each other’s person!”

Knowing that you are meant to be with someone from the most simple moment means so much more than trying