Zia & Zach Engagement Session Princeton University

Engagement Session Princeton University

Zia and Zach’s Engagement Session Princeton University was a fantastic way to start the 2021 season! This was the fourth session this year, and I am super stoked about this session.

I met Zia and Zach through the family. They are the sweetest people, and I cannot wait for their wedding day. We originally weren’t going to do an engagement session, but Zia reached out to me to do an engagement session and wanted to shoot at Princeton University.

This is a wonderful location to shoot at, and no matter what season we shoot, it never ceases to amaze me with the beauty it brings to the images.

We started at Rockefeller College at Princeton University. This is a great place to meet couples and begin. Easy access from the street and is iconic to the location. Zia said to me, “we’re really awkward in photos, so please bear with us.” Let me tell you, ladies and gentlemen, they are the least bit awkward. Zia’s smile is beautiful, and the way that Zach looks at her truly shows how much he loves her. Engagement Session Princeton University

Engagement Session Princeton University Engagement Session Princeton University

Every shot we took kept getting better and better. Sometimes it takes couples a little while to get into the rhythm of the session, but as soon as it clicks and the juices start flowing, they nail it!

We left the Rockefeller College area and moved towards the clock tower. They were both really excited about this location. It was the backdrop to one of the photos that Zia sent me. Of course, we did it better than the photo she showed me, and they were super excited about it!

One of my favorite images from the session happened when we were under the clock tower. I positioned Zia and Zach in a prom-style pose but made it more intimate. The calmness and relaxation that you get from this photo speak so much about how these two felt the entire time during their session. Engagement Session Princeton University

I couldn’t believe that these were the same two beautiful people who told me that they were awkward when we chatted