Vicki & Jeff Engagement Session Princeton University Princeton NJ

Engagement Session Princeton University

Vicki & Jeff Engagement Session Princeton University Princeton NJ was my last session for September 2020. I am excited that October is here, and Fall sessions are officially in full swing. It truly is my favorite time of year next to Christmas, of course, but I just love the weather, food, and all the Halloween movies that you can appropriately watch during this time of year. Engagement Session Princeton University

I met Vicki and Jeff over the summer when they reached out to me about doing their engagement session. They had just gotten engaged, and we really excited to be getting the ball rolling on their wedding planning. When we met to chat their engagement session, they were just really eager to have their vision come to life for their engagement session, and they wanted to shoot their session at Princeton University.

Jeff and Vicki met online on Christmas Eve in 2017. Vicki jokes that Jeff was the best Christmas present, and by seeing their chemistry, I would agree, these two were the perfect Christmas gift for eachother that year. Santa did deliver.

They went on their first date to Jo Sho in Somerset, NJ, two days after Christmas. Jeff brought a bottle of wine, they had some excellent conversations. “We didn’t want the date to end, so I got coffee at Starbucks and, then we began to drive around and end up visiting each other’s neighborhoods.” Engagement Session Princeton University

I love it when the first dates go so well. The connection between two people is so strong from day one that you don’t want the date to end, so you make an excuse to spend more time with each other that night. Especially around the holidays, the bliss in the air, and the spark that flies makes for a memorable first date. Engagement Session Princeton University

Their feelings grew stronger, and they both knew it was the right time; however, Vicki was the first to say the three magic words, I love you. “Well, I said I love you first because I saw that he was everything I was looking for in a person. He was funny, smart, and had great patience to deal with me. I actually shocked him because I said it first, and Jeff is not good with surprises, so he actually told me 4 hours later that he loved me through text.”

“He says he feel in love with me because I’m caring personality and my kindness. He said that eventually he just knew I was the one he wanted to be with for the rest of his life.”

Their love blossomed over time, and on July 2 of this year, Jeff proposed to Vicki in their apartment.

“I walked into our apartment, and he had In Case You Didn’t Know (our song) on playing in the background. There were flowers on the flower and then told me to read a piece of paper. On the paper, it explained that he had to write down everything he wanted to say because he didn’t want to forget anything out. While I was reading the paper, he got down on one knee and asked him to marry him. It was perfect cause he knew I wanted an intimate proposal.” Engagement Session Princeton University

Jeff and Vicki will be tying the knot in May 2022 at Imperia in Somerset, NJ.