Hannah & Shanna Engagement Session RiNo District Denver CO

Engagement Session RiNo District Denver CO

Hannah & Shanna Engagement Session RiNo District Denver CO was my favorite session of the Colorado portion of the trip!! We had the absolute best time working with them.

These ladies have truly become our friends for life, and we love them as such. The chemistry these two have is impeccable, and I cannot wait for their wedding. It’s going to be magical. Truly an amazing love story! Engagement Session RiNo District

We met Hannah and Shanna when they entered our model call for sessions in Colorado. We hit it off great when we met them on the Zoom call, and we knew this was going to be by far the best session we did while in Colorado. Engagement Session RiNo District

Our original plan was to go to the Great Sand Dunes; however, we decided to do the RiNo district instead due to some technical aspects! It worked out better than we expected! It was beautiful, and it suited their personalities so much better.

We walked around the entire district and really made some magic with these two.

After their session, we went out to dinner with them at the Blue Moon Brewery and got to know them personally. Let me tell you, ladies and gentlemen, the most amazing human beings we have enjoyed working with on our trip!

Hannah and Shanna, thank you for allowing us to capture your amazing love story from behind our cameras, and we cannot thank you enough! Engagement Session RiNo District

Congratulations! Hannah and Shanna will be tying the knot in May 2022 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.



“Funny story! We actually met through her wife at the time! I was in nursing school and my best friend at the time was also in nursing school but a semester behind me.”

“She had a good friend in her class who was Shanna’s wife at the time! Don’t worry; we were just friends until we were both not married! We developed a great friendship and built on that after we realized we wanted to be together!” Engagement Session RiNo District