Alexis and Spencer Engagement Session Sayen Gardens Hamilton NJ

Engagement Session Sayen Gardens Hamilton NJ

I cannot begin to say how amazing Alexis and Spencer’s Engagement Session Sayen Gardens went and I cannot wait to share it all with you. Alexis and Spencer reached out to me via Wedding Wire and we hit it off great. It’s actually a small world of how I really met Alexis and Spencer, well more Alexis than Spencer.

Alexis and I went to Allentown High School together in Allentown NJ. When we got on the FaceTime call, I recognized her. So I looked them up on Facebook and I saw that we had over 100 mutual friends. When we realized that we knew eachother, it made the conversation even easier for them. Engagement Session Sayen Gardens

Alexis said she was so excited to get the engagement session done, so we decided to do the session yesterday. One request that they had was to include to their son Nathan! Let me tell you, he is the cutest kid around and he did such a great, great job! He sat through the photos and he was infatuated with the clicking of the camera.

We were, unfortunately, fighting time with the weather. I was worried that we were going to get rained out so we pushed the session up an hour and created some serious magic together.

Alexis and Spencer were down for anything and I am so proud of how well they did at their session. They did so well that I was able to edit their session in about an hour. I was sending Alexis previews and getting her so excited to see the final gallery. Let’s dive into their love story and how they met! Engagement Session Sayen Gardens

Engagement Session Sayen Gardens


Alexis and Spencer met back in 2012 at a tailgate for a Mac Miller Concert. They became Facebook friends but didn’t talk again for another 5 years. “He popped up on my Facebook and I was like oh my who is this delicious man!! And then I realized who he was!” Engagement Session Sayen Gardens


It was the Summer of 2017 when Alexis and Spencer went on their first to