Melissa & Adrian Engagement Session Sayen Gardens Hamilton NJ

Engagement Session Sayen Gardens Hamilton NJ

Melissa and Adrian’s Engagement Session Sayen Gardens Hamilton NJ was so much fun and I am so glad that they chose such a great location. I have known about the Sayen Gardens for a while now and I finally got a chance to shoot at that location. The Sayen Gardens is a very popular location for photographers alike and for a Saturday afternoon is was quite crowded. For someone who hasn’t been there before or wants a cool quiet location to shoot their engagement session. I would highly recommend Sayen Gardens.

Melissa and Adrian’s engagement session Sayen Gardens was a huge success and I definitely got Adrian to feel a lot more comfortable in front of my camera! When I told him about the Cookie Monster voice and to tell Melissa the ingredients of her favorite dessert, he was laughing too much, so naturally, I had to help him out. This seems to be the running thing when they can’t figure out the Cookie Monster voice or they are too embarrassed to do it! Engagement Session Sayen Gardens

The amount of locations that Sayen Gardens has for photographers to use to photograph at is amazing. No matter what research you do before the session, seeing the place in person allows the creative juices to start flowing and I am really able to work my magic. Now, let’s dive into how these two love birds met! Engagement Session Sayen Gardens

Engagement Session Sayen Gardens