Lacee & Christian Engagement Session Sayen House and Gardens Hamilton NJ

Engagement Session Sayen House and Gardens

Boy, oh boy, I truly love my job! Seeing love in all forms is why I do what I do! Lacee and Christian’s engagement session Sayen House and Gardens was beautiful and a great way to end the weekend! We had a packed weekend of sessions, and I loved ending it with these two.

I met Lacee and Christian back in early 2020 when they reached out to me to do their engagement session. After months of planning and rescheduling because of the weather and COVID-19, we finally got the chance to do some serious magic together. The best part about this session was that they brought their friend Dan, Lacee’s personal makeup artist and hairdresser. I got a little spoiled with having him there. Engagement Session Sayen House and Gardens

Sometimes sessions can get a little humid, or the girl’s makeup can get messed up, so having someone to worry about fly-aways and fix the make-up made my life a little easier.

Christian and Lacee met when they were in a middle school play together. They were just friends, and then things fell off. “We were reintroduced to each other during a powder puff football game in our Sophomore year of high school, and we immediately clicked. It felt like I had known him my entire life, and I knew that I wanted to keep him around for as long as possible!” Engagement Session Sayen House and Gardens

Since high school, these two have been together, and they went on their first date to a high school event!

Engagement Session Sayen House and Gardens

“Christian had recently hurt his ankle and was in a wheelchair so it could heal, but he was on the basketball team, so he was already at the school for a night event (a talent show or Broadway night or something like that), so we met at the school, and he introduced me to all of his basketball and film crew friends.” Engagement Session Sayen House and Gardens

“We then sat down to watch the show, but we were so infatuated with each other that we hardly paid attention! We had our first kiss that night, and it will forever be a night that I remember as the night I knew I wanted him in my life for a long time. At that time, I had no idea how long or that it would eventually lead to marriage, but I could not imagine marrying anyone else!”

“Christian and I faced a lot of backlash in our youth for our relationship, both from my parents and people at school. Christian is transgender, and he came out senior year of high school. So when we first started dating, he identified as female, meaning we were the lesbian couple in school. Students and teachers both bullied us and made us feel like we were wrong for what we were doing, and when we went to the school about it, nothing was done.” Engagement Session Sayen House and Gardens

“My parents were not supportive either, so we were really struggling. When he came out as transgender, people still were super judgmental and rude, and my parents still did not understand. Long story short, we turned to each other for support and love in a horrible time in our lives, and we grew together despite everyone around us.” Engagement Session Sayen House and Gardens

“We fell in love fast, and we said, “I love you” within a month of dating! We fell in love during a rough time in our lives, but it has made us so strong and has kept us going because if our love flourishes and survived that, then we can survive anything with each other.” Engagement Session Sayen House and Gardens

“Since the beginning, things have gotten immensely better; my parents accept us and are excited for us, as are his. We have built a support system of people who want to see us grow, not tear us down, and grow into adulthood together. In short, we fell in love fast in the face of ridicule, but that love has never faded through us growing into adulthood together, and if anything, has continued to blossom and change with us.” Engagement Session Sayen House and Gardens

Christain’s proposal Lacee was amazing! “He brought me to the beach under the guise of a trip to a beach house that his family rented, and we were going to take cute couple photos. So we get to the beach house, and before we put on bathing suits, we go to the beach and start taking photos. He pulls out his phone and reads me a poem that he wrote (with the help of my sister), then gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him!”

A beach date turned into Christian proposing to Lacee, and it cannot get any better than that. He proposed to Lacee on the beach in Lavalette, NJ.

I am honored to call these two friends, and I cannot wait to see where these two go in life and how much stronger their love grows from here. They have not set a wedding date yet, but I’m sure that it’s going to beautiful, and I hope that I am apart of it. Engagement Session Sayen House and Gardens



“Christian and I are both excited about celebrating our love with the people we care about and getting to move farther into our relationship, but the open bar is also a plus ;)”


“Unity Above All”


“Fun, exploratory, enjoyable, warm, and comforting.”


“Spending time with family or people we care about or getting to grow together and watch each other step into who we are meant to be together.”


Dress – Amazon

Ring – Ballerina Jewelers

Necklace – Kay Jewelers

Boots – Lane Bryant

Heels/Shoes – DSW/Converse

T-shirt – Walmart

Sweater – Target

Jeans, Flannel, Blue/Black Jeans, t-shirt, sweater – Old Navy

Ring – Jared

Engagement Session Sayen House and Gardens

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