Justin & Leah Engagement Session Sedona AZ

Engagement Session Sedona AZ

Justin and Leah’s Engagement Session Sedona, AZ, was beautiful and so much fun! Sedona truly is a beautiful place. It is large, but every location within Sedona is picturesque. Our original location was supposed to be a Cathedral Rock. Since it was spring break for all the students across the country, it was extra crowded. So instead, we went over to Bell Rock and absolutely killed it. Engagement Session Sedona AZ

Justin and Leah are the sweetest people and like to have fun!! Britt went to college with Justin and Leah, so connecting with them was really easy when we got to Arizona. You can tell how happy these two are. We knew we were losing sunlight quickly, so we had to move fast to the second outfit so that we can get the beautiful sun peering over the mountain in the photos. Engagement Session Sedona AZ

They were down for anything. As a photographer, you know that any couple who is down for anything is the most fun and easiest couple to work with!

We stuck to more simple shots for this session. Leah and I connected on the music aspects of our careers. She is a full-time middle school band director, and I was a music major in college. It was cool to have that in common with her.

We all truly love working with Justin & Leah, and we are ecstatic for them to tie the knot. Thank you for allowing us to capture your love story from behind our cameras. Congratulations to the future, Mr. and Mrs. Shanley.



“Leah and I met back in 2011 at SUNY Fredonia through a mutual friend. Leah at the time had a boyfriend, so our friendship really went nowhere for a couple of years. I would occasionally see Leah in passing on when visiting some friends, but we were nothing more than acquaintances.”

“Not to mention with Leah being a music major and me being a political science major, our classes could not have been on more opposite sides of campus.” Engagement Session Sedona AZ

“Fast forward to the end of my senior year at Fredonia and our mutual friend (whose head would explode for me giving her this much credit) decided to attempt to set us up by bringing Leah and another friend, Kelly, over to my house on Temple St. during FredFest weekend.”

“One thing leads to another, and Leah and I decided to go out on a couple of dates after that — taking advantage of the only few weeks left at Fredonia before we would go our separate ways.”

“Well, one date lead to two, and two lead to three, and before we knew it, Leah was coming to my parent’s ho