Andrea & Jacob Engagement Session Valley Forge PA

Engagement Session Valley Forge PA

I had the honor and privilege to capture one of my best friends’ engagement sessions and her fiance last week in Valley Forge, PA. Andrea and Jacob’s Engagement Session Valley Forge PA was the most involved engagement session I have done to date, but that is because Andrea and Jacob, more or less Andrea, brought a ton of props with them. Now I’m not just talking signs and champagne. They had blankets, candles, snacks, champagne, pillows, baskets, and much more.

I cannot begin to fathom what we were able to accomplish. Arianna came with us to take the reigns on creativity, and I am so glad that she was there. While we were shooting in the wheat field, Arianna was setting up both scenes we were going to photograph.

They brought 3 outfits, and she planned each of them perfectly to coordinate with all three scenes we set up. If you looked at where we photographed, you could never tell that we were on the side of the road near a parking lot.

The setting was like something out of a magazine, more or less like a style session. The color schemes all matched, and Andrea told me that she basically brought her entire living room to the session. Everyone kept stopping to see what we were doing, which was kind of cool because we had our own little audience. Engagement Session Valley Forge PA

Engagement Session Valley Forge PA

It was a very chill and laid-back session but, at the same time, exquisite and beautiful. The teamwork we had made my job pretty easy for this one. Andrea knew what poses she wanted to do with Jacob, Arianna focused on staging the entire session, so I focused on the technical aspects of the actual photographs. Engagement Session Valley Forge PA

My favorite reaction to the session was when Andrea popped the champagne bottle open. Her reaction was