Gina & John Engagement Session Verona Park Verona NJ

Engagement Session Verona Park

Gina & John’s Engagement Session Verona Park was a huge and beautiful success! The weather has been so touchy this month that it is hard to keep sessions on their original scheduled days. It wasn’t until about an hour before the session that we decide on the final location and to shoot this day or not. We prayed to the rain gods that we would be able to shoot and they definitely heard our prayers. There was a drop of rain in the sky. Engagement Session Verona Park

I love shooting at this time of the year. Everything starts to bloom and every backdrop is beautiful. These two weeks have been crazy because everyone who wants to do spring sessions wants it during Cherry Blossom season, which is such a very short time frame.

I met Gina & John through a mutual friend and I absolutely love them. We had such a beautiful session yesterday. You could tell that Gina was nervous in the beginning but about 10 minutes after we started she nailed it! John was a rockstar from the start! What I love the most about these two is that they are simple and easy-going people. Engagement Session Verona Park

Gina’s smile is super infectious and they know exactly what to say to each other to get a giggle out of each other. I love their genuine smiles and inseparable connection. You can tell that they are super in love and I cannot wait to photograph their wedding. It is going to be a magical day and all their images are going to be STUNNING! Engagement Session Verona Park

Gina & John are tying the knot in September 2022 at the Palace at Somerset!



“In June 2012 a few friends and I made a trip to the annual State Fair in East Rutherford, New Jersey. While we were there one of my friends ran into an acquaintance that she had known from cheering with his sister, it was John. After leaving, John facebook messages his acquaintance for my phone number. She gave him my number and a few days later he texted me.” Engagement Session Verona Park