Julia & Anthony Farm Wedding Millstone NJ

Farm Wedding Millstone NJ

Smith Farm, Millstone Twp., NJ

Have you all ever had a wedding where everything from start to finish was near perfect and no matter what lighting you had or the image you took, it was near perfect?! Well, yea, that is exactly how Julia and Anthony’s Farm Wedding Millstone NJ went. I cannot begin to tell you all how almost perfect this wedding was. Nothing is ever perfect in life, but this is a sure 99/100.

Everything about this wedding was near flawless. The bride prep we did for Julia was hands down my favorite to date, and I’m spoiled. We began the day with Julia and her mom, sister Gianna, and best friend, Valentina, who I’ve known since we were in Kindergarten. I saw what made this wedding extra special because I had been close friends with Julia and Anthony since we were in middle school.

When Julia and Anthony approached me about doing their wedding, I knew that we would create imagery that we have never done before. From the hair and make-up prep to her details, doing the ring light shots with the girls, doing her pre-dress portraits to her final portraits before seeing Anthony at the end of the aisle. Farm Wedding Millstone NJ

I knew going into this wedding that we would create some serious work and deliver for these two, but when I saw the final gallery and presented it to them, I was even blown away by the work we did.

Farm Wedding Millstone NJ Farm Wedding Millstone NJ Farm Wedding Millstone NJ

I asked Julia before the wedding what she was most anticipated about, and she told me, “Seeing each other at the end of the alter.” Which, for most couples, is something that they are nervous about. She told me that she was nervous all morning, but by me being there and constantly reminding her to be calm, everything would be okay. It made everything run so much more smooth.

That was one advantage that I had with working with Julia and Anthony. I have known them for over 15 years, and we are childhood friends, so you get to know how someone is outside their big wedding day, it makes the day even more enjoyable for the couple and is easier for you as the photographer. Even when Christo showed up, the main videographer, he clicked well with them, making the morning that much more relaxed and enjoyable. Farm Wedding Millstone NJ

My favorite part of the morning was Julia’s bridal portraits. I was really looking forward to something, and I knew we would have a TON of time to do them, so I took advantage of the time we had and took some extra portraits. Farm Wedding Millstone NJ

I wanted to use all-natural light for this entire prep. It allowed me to make some things more dramatic with shadowing or let a lot of light in when I needed it. I am not a fan of using artificial light, so her parents’ house was perfect for the type of imagery I was trying to accomplish for them. Farm Wedding Millstone NJ

Julia told me that her mom, Jo-Ann, had redone their entire house in preparation for the wedding. I can’t say that I am disappointed because the color palette was beautiful and gave us an amazing backdrop for the pictures. Her mom was so nervous the entire morning. Sometimes it is just the bride who is nervous, but Mom was too, and Julia had to keep her calm while I kept Julia calm. It was a lot of fun.

Finally, we got Julia in her dress, and I was stunned to see how beautiful she looked in her dress. So I knew once Anthony saw her, he would cry. P.S. he did! He was balling his eyes out when he saw her walking down the aisle. I took photos of her until about 10 minutes before she and her dad, Carmelo, left for the church.

We took photos of the two of them right before I left. He was so busy on the morning of the wedding, making sure everything was prepared at the farm that we didn’t get much while Julia was getting dressed, so I did a whole work-up of images for Carmelo and Julia. Farm Wedding Millstone NJ

Andrea did an amazing job with Anthony’s groom prep. His barbershop Cono’s Cuts in Millstone was the perfect location for him to get ready. Anthony owns the shop, and it was only right that he gets ready in the place he calls his second home.

I remember Anthony texting me in the morning to be late to the shop because of Joe, his brother. I told him not to worry and that everything was going to be okay. You could tell by the photos and video that Andrea and Mike captured that Anthony was really excited to marry the love of his life. Farm Wedding Millstone NJ

He was holding himself and smiling in the images; it was undeniable that he was excited to see Julia and marry his high school sweetheart.

He got ready with his Dad, Tony, and his brother’s Joe and Vinny. Groom prep is a straightforward process, and since Anthony is a straightforward guy, it was smooth sailing once they started. When they got back to his parent’s house, Andrea told me that they did photos with Jolene, his Mom, and then headed off to the Church.

The Ceremony

Off to the church we went, and this had to be the best church we have ever shot in. The lighting was spectacular, and the ceilings were really high. We had a full-mass for the ceremony, and in the end, Julia turned to the Decan and asked if they were actually married. The reason why was because they did a little backward for a marriage ceremony. The kiss was before the rings, which isn’t typical for a wedding ceremony. You’re supposed to end with the kiss, so we were all a little confused. Farm Wedding Millstone NJ

I don’t blame them for being confused because even at the rehearsal the night before, I had to guide them with certain things that the Decan didn’t know.

The ceremony was beautiful, though. Anthony shed some tears when he saw her coming down the aisle. Which we, as photographers, live for as moments in a ceremony to capture. They exchanged their vows and rings, presented flowers to the Blessed Mother, and sealed the entire ceremony with a kiss. Farm Wedding Millstone NJ

We did a bubble exit, some silhouette shots in front of the glass doors, and then off to the venue we went.

The Portraits and Formal Photos

This has to be the best portrait session we have done to date. Even though we were a little behind once we got there, everything ran smoothly, and we absolutely delivered on every aspect of the day.

We started with some bride and groom portraits of Julia and Anthony with her veil to take it out. Then we rolled into family formals. I keep them simple and small because it gets to be too hectic if you extend beyond grandparents. Farm Wedding Millstone NJ

From there, we did bridal party shots, which for the first time in a long time, we had a small bridal party, and we could accomplish a lot more in a shorter amount of time.

Once the bridal party was done, we got Julia and Anthony into the horse and buggy, and off to the photosite we went. They took their portraits with a. ’57 Chevy, and let me tell you; I don’t think anything will beat this portrait session for a very long time. Farm Wedding Millstone NJ

Between myself, Andrea, Christo, and Mike, we were having a field day with the sunset, car, and field. Every shot we took, was stellar and if we weren’t running behind, we could have easily gone longer because I had a ton of poses in mind, but unfortunately, we ran out of time. Farm Wedding Millstone NJ

I could get the drone in the air and take some aerial shots, which I had planned in my head when we scout out the grounds earlier in the year. I am still in awe with this session, now almost 2 weeks later.

The Reception

Finally, it was time for the reception. Their wedding theme was boho chic mixed with a modern farm feel. They had a bar truck and a food truck. The entire place was decked out with pumpkins, hay bales, corn stalks, wooden signs, barrel tables, furniture, long wooden tables, and greenery along the center. Every detail was thought of, and nothing was missed.

I remember when we all arrived, the team couldn’t believe how amazing the reception area looked. The day just kept getting better and better.

Julia and Anthony finally made their grand entrance, danced their first dance, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. They danced to “Perfect Symphony” by Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli. She danced with her Dad to “My Little Girl,” and Anthony danced with his Mom to “I Will Always Love You.” Farm Wedding Millstone NJ

Gianna and Joe’s speeches were very sentimental. Joe had the entire place in stitches with his best man’s speech. How he told Julia and Anthony’s story was priceless, and they had everyone in the room laughing.

They enjoyed their night by dancing it away. They danced and partied until they couldn’t anymore. They cut their cake and ate it too. All and all this wedding was absolutely beautiful and a wedding I will remember as a highlight of my career. Farm Wedding Millstone NJ

To The Bride and Groom

Julia and Anthony, I want to thank you so much for allowing me and my team to be there to capture your amazing wedding and the best day of your lives. I am honored to call you family, and I cannot wait to see your love blossom into something even stronger than what it is now.

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Conoscenti.


Did anything unexpected happen? What was the outcome?

“When we arrived at the farm, we were surprised with a horse and carriage awaiting us that said “Just Married.” We got onto the carriage and drove off onto a beautiful trail, ending up at a private, secluded location where Tom and his team were awaiting us with a classic truck near sunset. It was a truly magical experience.”

What are you looking forward to most as a married couple?!

“Many happy years together and starting a family.”

What favorite food are you looking forward to at the cocktail hour?

“We were so excited about the steak skewers.”

Drink of choice for the night?

“Titos and Club for Anthony and Julia drank everything.”

What advice do you have for anyone getting married?!

“Choose a photographer you are absolutely comfortable with. They will spend most of the day with you. We were lucky enough to have Tom, our childhood friend, who both felt extremely comfortable. Aside from being extremely professional, he was honest, caring, took his time, listened to us, and HELPFUL.”

How did you feel at the end of the day?!

“At peace, on a cloud. It was the best day of our lives.”

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