How To Get Your Work Published and Win an International Award

How To Get Your Work Published

So you’re probably saying to yourself, how do I get my work published or even win an international award for my photography?! It is something that every photographer strives for and for some of us to achieve fairly early on in our careers. I can say that I have been published several times by Blogs and Magazines and won an International Award 7 times. How To Get Your Work Published

When I first started, I wasn’t sure what I would do or what I could accomplish with my photography, but it wasn’t until the middle of 2020 when I started seeing my work changing and people saying to me that I should submit my work for publication. Well, sure enough, flash forward about 7 months now, I have won 7 International WedAwards and been published 12 times in the past 6 months. How To Get Your Work Published

It’s a pretty awesome feeling when you have a session that is picked up by a publication and even a better feeling when you can win an international award once, let alone 7 times, for images you have taken. If you ask me what it takes to win an international award or even an award for images, it couldn’t tell you the criteria they look for. When I think I figured it out, one of the images I sent in that wasn’t like the others ends up being chosen. How To Get Your Work Published

Some of my favorite images were the ones that were published.

How To Get Your Work Published

January 2021

This wedding was stunning from start to finish! I was actually the second shooter at this wedding, but I got such key shots for them that I could not resist sharing some of these.

Their portrait session was one I remember the most from that year. Every photo we took was beautiful, and I had a tough time picking which image I wanted to submit! So glad I chose this one! You could hear the love that these two have for each other, let alone see it.

How To Get Your Work Published

December 2020

This wedding was an exceptional one! This shot was something I envisioned but never had the opportunity to capture. This was a wedding I photographed back in the Summer of 2019. I was trying to find that WOW photo, and only after re-editing it did I realize how much of a WOW photo this actually was. I’d say this was a money shot for sure. How To Get Your Work Published

How To Get Your Work Published

December 2020

Nick and Jessica’s Wedding had to be one of my favorites from that year. Veil shots always seem to be some of my best work. My second shooter had been waving the veil up and down with opposite hands, and on one click, this was the best and most epic veil shot I’ve ever taken. This wedding was in the early summer of 2019.

How To Get Your Work Published

November 2020

This was shot at a barn in a town close to where I live. I saw the way the light was hitting them through the doorway. I stopped everyone and said, hold. Please, I snapped a few, waited for my video team to get that shot, and we moved on. When we were walking to the next location, I scrolled through the images from that spot, and my videographer said to me, “this will win an award one day.” This wedding in all was beautiful, and I had so many images it was hard to choose, but I am honored to have been chosen to win this prestigious award!

How To Get Your Work Published

September 2020

We traveled out to Pennslyvania to a secluded park where the river is a mile from the parking lot. One of Maddie and Scott’s requests was to do a part of their session in the river. There were so many photo opportunities to shoot while we were there, it was hard to decide.

I saw this fallen log and knew immediately how I wanted to position them to create this beautiful perspective shot. After viewing their gallery entirely, this stood out as the money shot from the session, and I immediately wanted to submit it!

I am super excited that this photo was chosen for an award and honored to be a part of this amazing community. How To Get Your Work Published

How To Get Your Work Published

August 2020

Joel and Lillie had their engagement session on the beach in New Jersey, and from start to finish, their session was terrific. In particular, this photo was chosen because I felt like they were up in the clouds, and it gave off a very dream-like feel. It was tough to choose the right photo from this session to submit, and I am so honored to have been selected to win this award!

How To Get Your Work Published

July 2020

This was taken on my drone. I had asked Jake and Nicki to run along the shoreline with Jake leading her a little bit. The moment he turned back to look at her, I snapped the photo. It was a picture-perfect moment. This entire session was! I couldn’t ask for a better couple to photograph!



Some of my recent publications include Tacari Weddings, The Knot’s How They Asked, Betrothed Magazine, ShootProof, and many more. I am honored to have been selected to be published amongst some of the best photographers across the United States.

You can check out all of my publications in Real-Time as more come in by Clicking Here!

If you’re engaged or know anyone who is engaged and is looking for an Engagement Photographer, or a Wedding Photographer, please CONTACT ME.

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