8 Items To Build a Bridal Details Kit

Items to Build a Bridal Details Kit

Items to Build a Bridal Details Kit

Every professional wedding photographer wants to make their images better in ways that aren’t so technical. Bride details for a wedding day are beautiful, and wedding photographers dream of perfecting them each wedding. That is something that I have always wanted to better as I became a seasoned wedding photographer.

Every time I would show up to a wedding, I would feel unprepared or have difficulty finding a nice backdrop to photograph the details. So many successful photographers have bridal details that are clean, beautiful, and look professional. However, it takes some extra items to enhance the bride’s details and get that “professional” look photographers strive for. I have a list of “must-have” items you will need to buy to build a kit. Items to Build a Bridal Details Kit

Ring Boxes

These aren’t the ring boxes that you get with the actual ring. They are specific to bride details and sit the ring upright. The cover isn’t attached, and they’re usually made of all velvet. You can have them be wood, but I would go with the velvet ones. They come in several shapes and colors. They also make dual-slot ring boxes where you can put the engagement ring and wedding band together. You can find these things cheap on Amazon or Etsy. Items to Build a Bridal Details Kit

If you’re not sure which color to start with, I would get black, grey, and beige or off-white. This way, you have neutral colors, and they won’t clash with the rest of the colors in the details.

Items to Build a Bridal Details Kit


Backdrops for bride details are super important. I cannot tell you how many times I have shown up to a wedding and not had a great backdrop to work with because we are in a hotel or outside ends up being the best option, and the backdrop isn’t the greatest. A canvas backdrop will come in and save the day. This keeps everything consistent, and there are no distractions in the backdrop.

You can go to your local craft store or on Amazon, buy a roll of canvas, get some acrylic paint, a sponge brush, and a happy painting. You can also purchase these online from professional photographers, but they are costly, and making your own has the same effect. The best size for the canvas is 36″x 24″.


Ribbons add such a beautiful touch to the images. They come in all sizes, colors, thicknesses, and fabrics. The best ones to use are fabric ribbons. You can find them almost anywhere. I got mine off Amazon and Etsy. They come in sets of three, and you can get them for fairly cheap. The best ones to buy are fabric and velvet ones. Having multiple fabric textures for the ribbon adds depth to the lay flats and draws the eye to different photo sections. Items to Build a Bridal Details Kit

The trick with ribbon is they have to be placed in a certain spot. They can’t be placed just anywhere. I have seen them placed in many awkward spots, and they can come off as sloppy or out of place. Take your time placing the ribbon, and don’t go overboard; less is always more.

Items to Build a Bridal Details Kit


Ask the florist for extra petals or greenery from the bouquets. I also purchased some fake Eucalyptus and Babies Breaths off Amazon for less than $30. You need a set of wire cutters, and you’re golden. Adding florals of any sort can be a nice filler in spots that seem empty or offset. Petals also add elegance to the flat lays as well. The Eucalyptus can help shape the edges of the lay-flats and help draw the eye to different photo sections.

Unless they’re fake, you wouldn’t keep these in your kit but remember to contact the florist and ask for petals. Just like the ribbon, don’t go overboard with these either.

Items to Build a Bridal Details Kit


Sometimes rings and jewelry can be lost. Placing them in some sort of jewelry dish or tray gives them a specific place to go, and they don’t get lost on the canvas. Metal, Wooden, and Plastic trays are usually the most common to use. I use larger trays for shoes or to elevate the center object in the lay-flat. Items to Build a Bridal Details Kit

You want to have a few different types of trays or dishes. I have a white one with Mrs. on it, one that is more elegant with gold trim. Then I have 3 larger trays that are wood and metal.

Items to Build a Bridal Details Kit

Acrylic Blocks

You’re probably asking why you would need acrylic blocks? The best answer I can give is to help even the level of all the detailed items. I use these mainly to elevate the invitation suites. If you want certain items to stand out over others, use the acrylic blocks. You can find them at your local craft store or on Amazon. Items to Build a Bridal Details Kit

Other Trinkets

So many cool items can be purchased to spice up your lay-flats. Fancy scissors, metal compasses, vow books, stamps, & wax seals, to name a few. I think these items bring lay-flats to life. Especially when you have items that match the wedding theme, some small flat wooden objects can work to add to the themes. I also purchased wooden blocks, burlap, fake flowers, wooden spools for the ribbon, and really anything else that I can find that would help enhance my lay-flats. Items to Build a Bridal Details Kit

Items to Build a Bridal Details Kit

A Case to Put It All In

You will need a case to put all the smaller things in and a larger case to hold all the trays, floral pieces, and canvases. I use a carry-on suitcase from my closet and then a make-up case for all the smaller details. You wouldn’t think this is something, but a friend of mine told me that’s what she uses. It really holds everything nicely, and they can be sectioned off. When I show up to a wedding for the bride prep, I bring the one suitcase that holds everything I need. The canvases are the only item you might need to carry in separately.


I cannot stress enough how important it is to practice lay-flats. If you have never done them before, it can be tricky to figure it out on the spot. I also purchased fake rings off Amazon and got an invitation suite off Minted as a free sample. This way, I had all the aspects of a bridal lay-flat, and I can practice before doing it for real. Items to Build a Bridal Details Kit

Items to Build a Bridal Details Kit

Let me know if you have any other questions by commenting below; I’d be happy to answer! Good luck and happy building. It’s a lot of fun to see the beauty of bridal details come to life. These can also be used for the groom’s details as well. I cannot wait for all your wedding details to come to life and get that professional edge you have always wanted. Items to Build a Bridal Details Kit

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