Kat & David Wedding West Orange NJ

Wedding West Orange NJ

McLoone’s Boathouse, West Orange, NJ – 09/11/2020

Kat and David’s Wedding West Orange NJ was beautiful, fun, and an all-around great day! Considering the restrictions that we are facing in the wedding industry with being able to hold large gatherings of more than 100 people, Kat and David’s wedding was the closest you could get to what weddings used to before COVID-19.

I met Kat and David back at the end of 2019 when I ran a free-engagement session contest. We shot their engagement session in Allentown NJ at the Barn. I knew that these two were special. I wanted to capture their love beyond just their engagement session and I am so glad that I did. Wedding West Orange NJ

Have you ever had that feeling of meeting someone and feel like you have known them your entire life?! Well, that is exactly how I felt with Kat and David.

At one point Kat said that it felt like friends were photographing my wedding, not just another vendor. Which made me so happy!

Kat’s dress was absolutely stunning, so much so I was afraid to carry it outside to get some images of it. Her details were stunning and I even found a cool way of shooting some pre-shots of the bride. I asked the make-up artist if we could use her ring light and I was able to capture some stunning yet informal portraits of Kat.

Everything from start to finish was seamless, well except for the limo driver being 20 minutes late and making everything late by 20 minutes. But hey, if that was the worst thing to happen on their wedding day, I was okay with it! Wedding West Orange NJ

Their ceremony was beautiful and the happy tears coming from Kat’s dad and David’s Mom made it even better. Kat of course shed some tears of happiness walking down the aisle. Seeing how happy these two were to be married up at the alter says how strong their love is for one another.

Their bridal party was a load of fun. All they cared about was having a good time and being there for Kat and David. Some of their portraits were the best and some of my favorite that I have ever taken. One groomsman, in particular, Rob, Kat’s brother-in-law was truly the life of the party. He made sure everyone was having a good time and boy, he was the center of attention on the dance floor later at the reception. Wedding West Orange NJ

McLoone’s Boathouse in West Orange, NJ was the perfect location for anyone looking for a great outdoor wedding. It was perfect for the number of people Kat and David were having at their wedding. The food was excellent and for a place that doesn’t hold weddings that often, I commend them for a job well done.

Their cocktail hour was so good. It was different than your normal cocktail hour. They had a spread of food on each table, which included Kat and David’s favorites, Chicken and Waffles and Coconut Shrimp. Wedding West Orange NJ

They danced to Perfect by Ed Sheeran and some traditional Polish songs for their parents. By the end of the reception, Kat was in rough shape and David was sore from dancing and to continue the party at the hotel. “They have videos of me at that hotel though. “Once it was over, stress left her body and shots took over.”

I am honored to have captured Kat and David’s special day alongside Sam from Sam Glennon Photography! You should all check her out, she is really talented!

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Klimczak and I wish you nothing but pure happiness!

Wedding West Orange NJ


Kat told me that her most anticipated part was that she couldn’t wait for David to see her dress and surprise gift. “I couldn’t wait for David to see my dress and his surprise gift! I also couldn’t wait to do the sparklers and of course, capture some beautiful pictures!” Wedding West Orange NJ

I asked David the same question and he said that it was for the reveal of Kat in her dress.


David said that he didn’t think Kat would down so many shots and get drunk. “I was also surprised at how much fun we had with all of Kat’s co-workers who I never met before – you would never know we were all strangers, everyone just clicked so well!” Wedding West Orange NJ


“Yes, I couldn’t eat anything without feeling it. I would not recommend the same to future brides, you should really eat because it will be a rough night, everyone wants to take shots with the bride and groom. Once the night is over, the nerves completely vanish, and then all you are left with is an empty stomach with a lot of shots…. you should really eat! Plus, I think it hit me hard the week before, and then it got easier once it got closer. Don’t forget, you are never alone, that’s why you have a bridal party”

“Shots and pre-gaming in the limo before the ceremony. My best man and groomsmen also kept me from being nervous and talking me through it.”


Their future together is bright and exciting and she told me that one day they want to have ” little David’s and little Kat’s running around. But for now, dogs are enough” She told me that they can’t wait to attend weddings together. “I will appreciate them so much more now that it’s not ours” Wedding West Orange NJ


“You know, we went from a 200 person wedding down to 70 people, and it may have been the biggest blessing. I really hope if anything should come out positive from COVID, its that we re-look at how crazy we go with these weddings. We were able to say hi in 15 minutes to the entire venue and basically danced with everyone.” Wedding West Orange NJ

“People who didn’t know each other we crammed into the photo booth, and everyone was taking shots together. This is a day where you really only want the closest people to you to attend. Leave the drama seekers behind, and celebrate with those who are genuinely excited for you guys! Oh, and get yourselves a new perfume so you have a scent to remember the day!”


Videography: Bianchini Films

D.J.: Alpine Entertainment

Venue: McLoone’s Boathouse

Limo: RPD Limo

Florist: Anderson Flowers Metuchen

Hair: Wild Roots Hair Salon

Make-Up: Ashley Landry

If you’re engaged or if you know anyone who is engaged and is looking for an Engagement Photographer or a Wedding Photographer West Orange NJ, please CONTACT ME.

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