Alex and Zach Liberty State Park Engagement Session Jersey City NJ

Liberty State Park Engagement Session Jersey City NJ

Alex and Zach’s Liberty State Park Engagement Session Jersey City NJ is on the top 5 list of my favorite sessions of 2020 so far. These two did such an amazing job, and I couldn’t be more honored & humbled to be able to work with these two amazing people.

It’s really funny. I met Alex and Zach a few years ago when they were in a production of Legally Blonde the Musical at the Union County Performing Arts Center. I got hired to be one of the photographers for the show and it just so happens that Zach play Emmet Forrest and Alex played Vivienne Kensington. Little did I know, 3 years later, I would be their wedding photographer.

When we met on Zoom, I instantly knew that we would work so well together. I felt like I was hanging out with two friends photographing their love. OH, and Barkley was the best. She is the sweetest and most energetic pup I have met! 🙂

We started in their apartment. I genuinely love it when couples want to do At-Home sessions. They’re intimate, cozy and we have a good time. P.S. Alex’s cup is filled with Coffee, and Zach chose water just to make it feel more realistic. I always give my couples the option to fill it with the beverage of their choice. Liberty State Park Engagement Session

I didn’t know this about Alex and Zach, but they love their Whiskey. They even had those cool Ice Cube, Sphere Makers. I figured, why not, let’s incorporate this and do detail shots of her ring with the glasses of Whiskey.

Then we headed out to the Waterfront and Liberty State Park. Two locations which held meaning to Alex and Zach. The waterfront is where Zach proposed to Alex. Just so happens to be the exact spot we ended up taking photos at. I didn’t want to spend too much time at the Water Front because I knew that Liberty State Park was going to be amazing.

When we got to Liberty State Park, it was surprisingly crowded but there were quite a few photographers there working with their respective clients. We started at the 9/11 Memorial, then the train station, and finally in front of the skyline.

Their only request was to have the Freedom Tower in the background of some of their images. So I took my spin on it and made sure I made it happen for them!

This session was incredible, and I am SO excited for Alex and Zach. I want to say that I am incredibly humbled and honored to call you both my friends and to be photographing your wedding. Liberty State Park Engagement Session


Alex and Zach met in college. They both attended Penn State University. Alex was a vocal major, and Zach was a Musical Theatre Major. “My Junior year, and Zach’s Senior year, we were cast opposite each other as Mabel and Frederic in the Penn State Opera’s production of The Pirates of Penzance. We became really good friends during the show. After we closed, Zach only had a few weeks before graduation, so we took our shot at dating, and here we are, six years later! We spent the next three years long distance because we were either in school/ or performing in a show somewhere else in the country.” Liberty State Park Engagement Session


Zach and Alex had their first date at Ale House at Penn State College. Alex said it was exciting for her because she didn’t have a car on campus so he could drive her wherever. ” Liberty State Park Engagement Session

 It was nice to go somewhere else for a change! It was a pretty standard date- nothing crazy. We had known each other for a minute already. I always thought it was cute that Zach remembered what I wore to this day- it was a flowy, floral, blue off the shoulder dress. I didn’t even remember that!” Liberty State Park Engagement Session


I asked Alex how they fell in love. She told me that after their show, Zach only had a few weeks before graduating and moving to Pittsburgh to perform that summer. They spent every second together for three straight weeks. She said it was the best three weeks ever. “We learned everything about each other and had so much fun because neither of us was sure if we would last through the summer since he was going away.” Liberty State Park Engagement Session

They quickly realized that nothing was standing in the way of them going long distances. They knew this would stick. “We miss being back at school so much and only wish we had more time there together because that is where we fell in love!”


Zach and Alex got engaged during the quarantine. She said that Zach had planned this whole proposal, but it was ruined by quarantine. The best part was that he caught her with the ultimate surprise, he proposed to Alex on HIS birthday. Something she would have never expected. Liberty State Park Engagement Session

“He knew I knew it was coming soon, but because we were home all the time now, he figured it would be tough to surprise me. So, he picked the one weekend I wouldn’t expect it- his Birthday! He proposed at the waterfront in downtown Jersey City while on a walk with our dog, Barkley, which was the night before his birthday. I had been running around all day trying to find ways to make his birthday special, and not lame because of quarantine. So, I was DEFINITELY surprised when he dropped down on one knee and pulled out the ring on this walk!”

What a great way to spin the surprise. Instead of her trying to surprise him for his birthday, he surprised her with a ring! Zach proposed to Alex in April 2020 in Jersey City at the Waterfront.


“Zach and I are excited just to celebrate us. We are almost considered a destination wedding just to take away any drama that naturally comes with planning a wedding. We’ve been together and lived together for a while now, so it’s time to recognize this special thing we’ve got going on.”

Alex and Zach will be tying the knot at Nanina’s in the Park in November 2021. Liberty State Park Engagement Session


“From A to Z”


“Silly, Strong, Supported, Musical, and Loyal”


“Our dog, Barkley! She is our baby 🙂 She is going to turn two on Septembe 14.. She was named partially after Penn State (now Giants) football player, Saquan Barkley. We loved that Saquan was drafted to our favorite NFL team from Penn State. It was mostly Zach’s idea :)”

Liberty State Park Engagement Session


Kay Jewelers– Ring

Old Navy– Dress

Aldo – Shoes

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