How to Choose your Location for your Engagement Session!

If you read our other article on what to wear for your engagement session, we talk a little bit about locations for your engagement session. So here we are going to talk about the actual locations. So here are my 3 tips when choosing your location for your engagement shoot! Here we go!

  1. Location that means the most to both of you!

    When I sit down with couples and they tell me about the location they chose for their engagement session, it is usually a place that has the most meaning to them both. This location is either the place they met or they place where he popped the question! If the couple met in college and have a lot of pride for their University or Alumni, they will sometimes choose that location. So pick a location that has the most significant meaning to you.

  2. Your Favorite Place to Go!

    I always think it is fun when the couple picks a location that they frequent a lot or a place that they have the most fun at. The boardwalk, the beach, a park, the city, ice skating rink, bowling alley, and museum are just some of the hundreds of places you can choose for your engagement shoot.

  3. A location that has options for your photographer to work with!

    I have done plenty of shoots in locations that don’t necessarily have a lot of options for me to use to photograph and give my couples variety. So, when you choose your location or thinking about a location for your shoot, make sure it has a lot of options. Parks are usually a place that limits the amount variety you can use within the location. So, if you pick a park, make sure it has things like a bridge, body of water, trails, and buildings. It allows for variety, which is key to having a successful shoot!

If you are still unsure about your location, don’t hesitate to reach out to your photographer for some help. they are usually a good person to ask and will give suggestions based on the type of location you want to shoot at.