Photography Tips 101 for Beginning Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photography Tips 101

Every photographer dreams of running their own business and being an entrepreneur. It was always a dream of mine to have a full wedding business and to work for myself. Over the years that I have been photographing weddings, I have learned a lot about what it takes to be a professional wedding photographer. There are so many aspects to having a successful wedding photography business. Many of the aspects I have had to learn from reading books and watching YouTube videos. It takes a lot to run a successful wedding photography business, and I want to lend some tips and tricks to all the young and aspiring photographers out there. Photography Tips

“Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.”

Photography TipsThere are so many aspects of wedding photography that most photographers don’t know. The major thing is that you have to have images that are clean and professional looking. You need to understand what the color science is behind what it takes to create beautifully colored images. My biggest pet peeve is when photographers don’t have skin tones correct or their yellows and greens look bad because they haven’t taken the time to learn those aspects and work on their images. Some of the best photographers in this area still struggle with that, and it drives me nuts when they don’t take the time to actually better that skill. Photography Tips

The best way to fix that problem is to purchase a preset from Etsy and similar websites or have one professionally made. Learning Adobe Lightroom or Capture One will allow you to use the correct tools to learn how to get the best looking images! I learned how to make my images shine truly. Photography Tips

Equipment is also VERY important. Having a professional grade camera should be the reach to strive for with cameras and lenses. You can get by in the beginning, but eventually, you should upgrade your cameras and lenses. Prime lenses are the best for weddings. 35, 50, 85, 105, 135 primes for the best images possible for lenses. You don’t have to go with native lenses for any cameras. Sigma or Tamron lenses are also fantastic and cheaper alternatives. This is when you become a seasoned professional. More often than not, photographers will start on Zoom lenses, switch to prime lenses! I would start on prime lenses if you really want to take the plunge into wedding photography professionally. Photography TipsPhotography Tips

On top of equipment, having an excellent Off-Camera Lighting System is super important. GoDox or Flashpoint lights on stands for the reception, and night shots are key to having professional-looking images. Most photographers are scared to use flashes, let alone off-camera flashes, because they can be intimidating. That is a lie. Photographers aren’t sure, and I wouldn’t consider a photographer professional until they invest or want to invest in a flash system and learn how to better their images.

PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! I cannot express it enough. I cannot tell you how many times photographers won’t practice and try to say they are professional. You only get better at doing something by practicing. Do research, watch videos, go out with some friends, and shoot around. Practice posing, lighting, camera settings, different compositions, and knowing your editing software’s technicalities. On your downtime, pull out a notebook, make a list of goals you want to accomplish, and start marking things off that list. Go to the bookstore and grab some photography books. From beginner to advanced, there are many photography books out there; you have to find the one that best fits what you are trying to practice. Photography Tips

Review these following tips, and you will be on your way to a successful photography career!

1. Upgrade your equipment and know it inside & out

2. Get a custom preset made

3. Have 2 camera bodies

4. Get an Off-Camera Lighting System

5. Get in some practice

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