6 ways to look the absolute best for your Engagement Session

You’re probably thinking about your engagement session and how it’s going to go. You’re asking yourself how am I supposed to pose for my photos so I don’t look awkward or out of place. Keep these 6 tips in mind for your engagement session.

  1. Look away from the camera

    • It is always good to look away from the camera to create more of a dramatic look. It gives you some variety with your photos.

  2. Walk like you’re tipsy

    • A popular pose for an engagement session is “the walk.” Your photographer can get a vast variety of photos just from doing “the walk.” 

    • If you want to have even more variety, do the “tipsy walk.” Lean on each other as you walk, laugh, act like you just had a few drinks at the bar and you can’t walk home without stumbling. 

  3. Laugh and Smile

    • Make sure that you are laughing and smiling naturally. It makes you glow and really brightens your photos

  4. Give each other a piggyback ride

    • Wrap your legs behind your partner, wrap your legs behind, laugh and give kisses on the cheek. Do those things and you are golden!

  5. Connect like you have been apart for a month

    • Don’t lose eye contact and really connect on a different level than normal

    • Imagine your fiancé was just away for a month overseas and you haven’t seen them. How would you react when they come home? How would you look at them?

  6. Get Cozy

    • Try sitting poses. Get all nice and cozy with your fiancé. You should really connect with each other.

    • Picture yourself in front of a fire all snuggled up or watching the sunset on the beach and it’s a little chilly so you have to wear a sweatshirt and blanket

In the end, you should be yourself. Act like the couple you are, not a couple you want to be. This will make your photos seem more realistic and fun! Hey, if you can really channel your inner model and get comfortable in front of the camera, you will shine in your engagement photos! I promise!