The FAQ’s of a Wedding that every Couple should know!

Roughly 50% of all brides are very unfamiliar with different aspects of their weddings. All the couples I've spoken to don't have a clear timeline of their wedding planning process. They want to know what they should be booking first. So here are some Frequently Asked Questions when it comes to planning out your wedding.

  1. I just got engaged, what should I book first for my wedding?

    Your Venue! Your venue is always the first thing you should book. You need to solidify your date and location before you book anything else. Your Photographer and D.J. should know the date, time, and place of your wedding when you are looking to book them. They will be able to tell you if they have that date open or not. It makes it easier for all parties involved.

  2. What should I put the most money towards when booking things for my wedding?

    There are three things I suggest putting money into when planning your wedding. I call this the "Wedding Trifecta!" It consists of your photographer, your D.J., and the venue! These are three things that all your guests will remember the most about your wedding day! I always tell people if you are going to put money towards anything for your wedding, it should be the photographer, DJ, and venue.

    You want your photos to be eye-catching, creative, and memorable. You don't want to have to worry that your photos will look bad or that you are overpaying for an underdelivered product!

    You want your guests to have the best time at your wedding, so make sure your D.J. is experienced, has more than one person, and has a lot to offer.

    Finally, your venue! Most venues I have worked at the staff is lovely. You want them to be accommodating and attentive. You want to make sure the food is good. If it sucks, then your guests aren't happy, they go home hungry, and you most definitely don't want that! I suggest you meet with the owner of the venue, see what deals they can give you and what they have to offer.

  3. What things should I look out for when booking my vendors for my wedding?

    Experience, Price, Offers, and Location. These are four things that I suggest looking into when choosing your vendors for your wedding day. You want to hire people who have experience in what they do. People who have "seen it all." They're not overcharging and underdelivering. Make sure you are truly getting what you pay for. They can offer you something that will either bring the price down or are they are running a discount at the time you book with them. You want to see where are they located compared to where you are asking them to go because the location is key to everything. Always discuss your Wedding location with your vendors.

    P.S. ask if they charge a travel fee because this will factor into the cost.

  4. Are you getting more than one photographer at your wedding?

    Make sure you hire a photographer who has more than him or herself and that they are going to be there the entire time. 99.9% of the photographers that work a wedding have more than one photographer. Unless you are paying for a cheaper package, they will almost always offer one. My team and I will show up with two photographers to capture your wedding.

  5. Should I hire a videographer?

    YES, yes, you should! Sometimes it's nice watching your wedding video and hearing people's voices instead of just looking at pictures. My team and I do both photo and video, and most of our couples like that we offer both!

  6. Should I hire a wedding planner?

    The question of hiring a wedding planner is one I have trouble answering because it all depends on your situation. If you are a person who works full time, trust someone else to get the job done for you, and can afford a wedding planner, then I suggest hiring one. However, most of the time, couples that I meet want to plan their wedding for themselves, so they avoid wedding planners, but it is always helpful to find out how much a wedding planner costs and does it fit within your budget.

  7. What type of food should we serve?

    Always have a variety of foods for your wedding. A chicken, beef, fish and a pasta option are what I suggest for your dinner courses. It covers all your bases, and no one will go home hungry. Most places will offer vegetarian and vegan options as well.

  8. Should I reserve a block of rooms at a hotel?

    Yes! Make sure you have a place for your guests to stay who are coming from out of town or don't want to drive home after a long night of drinks and partying. Most of the time, your guests will book a room for the night. I also suggest making sure that the hotel has a shuttle service or you hire a transportation company to transport guests to and from the reception.

  9. What time should I get ready for my wedding?

    I always suggest at least 3-4 hours before your ceremony! You won't feel rushed, you will have time to breathe, and there will be wiggle room for any problems that may arise.

  10. Where should I get my cake from?

    Get your cake from a local bakery, preferably one that specialized in wedding cakes. I have heard, and experienced horror stories where couples either received the wrong cake or the cake was never made because they decided to save money and allow the venue to make the cake, which they never did. Make sure you go to a taste test for your cake and you know people who have gotten wedding cakes done from the bakery as well. It always helps to go to someone a person suggests too.

  11. When should I start dress shopping?

Whenever you want. There is no right time to go dress shopping. Remember one thing, the longer you wait, the harder it will be to get the correct alterations to the dress. Make sure you ask all the questions you need at your appointment and fitting. Mom, Dad, sister, cousin, best friend and future Mother-in-law, are all good people to bring to your appointment and fitting (especially if you're not paying for it) *wink wink*