Sam & Ryan Engagement Session New Hope PA

Engagement Session New Hope PA

Sam and Ryan’s Engagement Session New Hope PA was a ton of fun and these two are the sweetest people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. For the first time shooting in New Hope, PA and I truly enjoyed shooting here. It was eclectic and quaint and so many photo spots.

I met Sam and Ryan through a free engagement session contest that I ran in the early spring of 2020. We set this engagement session back in the spring and we all have been looking forward to this session for months. Sam and Ryan should be models! They are beautiful people. Sam told me that she and Ryan don’t have any good photos of them. Let me tell you, they absolutely killed it. Sam’s genuine smile throughout the entire engagement session truly showed how happy Ryan makes her. Their smiles are so contagious and I cannot get over how HOT these two looked.

Sam and Ryan had their first date in New Hope, PA and it is a place that they visit often. Their second outfit was my favorite and I can tell they were excited about that look. The leather jackets and fall colors were spot-on. The Bucks County Playhouse was an area that we spent the most time on the session. It had great backdrops and beautiful colors.

These two have become really good friends of mine and we really created some serious magic last night. Engagement Session New Hope PA

Engagement Session New Hope PA


Sam and Ryan, I want to thank you so much for allowing me to capture your love story from behind my camera. Seeing the world from that perspective allows me to truly understand your story and how you two fell in love. I am honored and humbled to call you both friends and I cannot wait to see your blossom into something even more special than it already has. I will see you both really soon and I cannot wait to join you on the dance floor at the wedding.

Sam and Ryan will be tying the knot at Bluestone Country Club in September 2021. Congratulations to the future Mr. and Mrs. Doughtery. Engagement Session New Hope PA


Sam and Ryan met in high school. She was a freshman and he was a sophomore. “We became best friends quickly, attending football games, going to the movies, and fall time bonfires.” One summer, Sam and Ryan grew fond of eachother and their relationship began. Ryan told me that once he asked her to be his girlfriend they never looked back since. Engagement Session New Hope PA

Funny enough, Sam and Ryan didn’t go on their first date until a few months after they actually started dating. Ryan took Sam to Tyler State Park. Engagement Session New Hope PA


“Our first date, we went to Tyler State Park and had a picnic. It was fun to just hang out, her and I.” They relaxed and walked through the park, which Ryan told me is one of their favorite things to do. But I come to find out that their real first date was to Ritas prior to them actually dating. “Although neither one of us referred to it as a date, looking back, it’s still one of my favorite moments in our relationship.” Engagement Session New Hope PA


“Ryan and I started our relationship as best friends. If I was ever having a bad day, he would never cease to give me comfort and provide me with a foundation of trust that I could confide in him anytime I needed to.”

“We were such great friends that by the time we started dating, I think I already knew that we were in love, but we needed to do some growing up. He and I have been through so much and grown as individuals that I know that our love only gets stronger and stronger every day.”

I love how their relationship began as best friends and then progressed into this long and beautiful relationship. Best friends can make for the best relationships. You know the person so well that transitioning into a relationship is really easy.


I want Ryan to tell this story, so I am going to let her tell you all how he swept Sam off her feet and asked her to marry him.

“One of our favorite dates together early on in our relationship, we went to Longwood Gardens during Christmas time, to see the lights.” Sam and I had never been, but it was one of the most magical nights that I had experienced with her.”

“She and I went back again for another time and we had a blast, that I slowly decided to start planning. Sam’s friends from college live right near Longwood Gardens, so when Sam went to visit a friend in Nashville in August 2019, I went to her parent’s house and confessed my love to her parents and somehow convinced them that I was somehow good enough for their little girl.”

“I started planning the night and asked her college friends to plan a “girls weekend” to get a spa day, get nails done, and of course, make sure Sam makes it to the lake at Longwood Gardens.”

“I invited everybody, close friends, close family, parents, cousins, aunts, and I stood in underneath the one street light in the spot and Sam walked up, clueless of course, but when she saw her family, friends and myself standing in the background, she knew in her heart of hearts what I was about to ask her.” Engagement Session New Hope PA

“I kept it brief for how nervous I was but I told her that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her, and I just had one question that I needed to ask her first… Samantha, Will You Marry Me?”

Ryan proposed to Sam at the Longwood Gardens in November 2019. Engagement Session New Hope PA


Ryan said that he is most excited about seeing Sam walk down the aisle. Sam told me that she is excited to marry her best friend and celebrate with their closest friends and family.


“The Best is Yet to Come”


” I love you. I know”


“I grew up with a large family and I love the bonds that I grew with all of them. My mom was one of 10 so to say big family may be an understatement but I would like to have multiple children this way they can always have each other to pick them up when they’re feeling down. I know that Ryan wants a large family too because he only knows his dad’s side and all of his cousins have siblings that they count on and Ryan grew up an only child so he looks at his cousins as siblings. I know that giving our kids the best life that we possibly can mean the world to us.”

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