Tim and Morgan Sunrise Engagement Session Asbury NJ


Tim and Morgan’s Sunrise Engagement Session Asbury NJ was SO much fun! Let me tell you, the sunrise session is the best, even though they’re early I love shooting them! Their puppy Dutch is adorable and boy was he excited and definitely had the zoomies! He gave me and Tim a run around the beach!

I met Tim and Morgan in February of 2020 and we hit it off great! They entered my free engagement session contest and they were interested in working with us for the wedding. I cannot wait for you all to scroll down and see the images from their session!

The sunrise was perfect and the team and I had such a blast working with Tim and Morgan! Let’s dive into their story!



“We met at Rowan University in the first week of our freshman year of college. We both lived in the same dormitory hall and both frequented DKE, a fraternity at Rowan that Tim joined the next semester. We casually dated almost immediately after meeting but we didn’t make it official until December 3, 2010, about 3 months after meeting.”

“We were a young freshman in college, so we were reluctant to officially date even though we both knew it was meant to be. We are getting married as close as possible to our ten-year anniversary date”




“We both hate to say the cliche, but it really was love at first sight. Whenever we were apart, we were always texting or calling or thinking about the other…except we didn’t want to freak the other one out so neither of us said that we loved each other for quite a while, even though we felt that we were in love. ”

That is a good thing though. Morgan always says “you wouldn’t put on blush BEFORE foundation, right?” as a metaphor for relationshi