The Significance of Groom Details

The Significance of Groom Details

Groom Details

There are countless times where I have shown up to a wedding, and the groom doesn’t have many details, if any, at all. It really saddens me when I get to groom prep, or I see images that my second photographers take at groom prep, and they have little to no details. It is something that I have noticed in the wedding industry is that on the wedding day, the groom’s details get less attention and care to be styled compared to the bride’s details. Groom Details

AND that is if they are even photographed at all. One time we showed up to a wedding, and the groom showed up to his prep fully dressed, and the photographer wasn’t able to get any groom details. I know it may not seem as important as the bride details, but it tells the story. TWO people are getting married, and we want to showcase the story of TWO people, including the groom’s details. Cufflinks, shoes, cologne, tie, jacket, watch, boutonniere, and any other important details to the groom.

Groom Details

It could be possible that some of the details are shared by the bride and groom, and in the morning, some of those details are with the bride like the invitation suite, the rings, etc. This would leave less for the groom to have, but it is important to have as many details as possible.

Now I know sometimes grooms don’t have many details, and we don’t want you to bring items to include in your details to give variety to work with for the details. Maybe it is the draw to the bride details with the beauty and the glitz & glam. I know I am a photographer who loves details and can spend hours photographing them, but that does also mean that I LOVE groom details and give just as much attention to them as I would bride details. Groom Details

This may be an excuse, but I hate to say it but SOMETIMES THE GROOMS DON’T CARE! I know it’s hard to believe, but sometimes the groom doesn’t care about his details. He will take a quick way out by using the stuff he gets with the rented tux. Those aren’t the details of your wedding. Make them personal; make them you because they a part of your wedding day story, and they should be items that represent you. Groom Details

Every time I shoot a wedding, I tell it like a story. Every detail from beginning to end from details, portraits, ceremony, reception, and even bits of the cocktail hour are photographed to tell the story of the wedding day, and not having the groom details is like ripping pages out of the book or even leaving half of a chapter out of the book. Groom Details

When I get married, I am excited to plan details for my wedding. I want to make sure that my photographer has all the details they need to capture the essence of who I am through my wedding details. I may even have mickey mouse cufflinks; we’ll see 😉

You want to remember all the details of your day and every decision you and your bride have made. You want to relive those moments years after your wedding, even if it’s the bride and groom details.

Groom Details

As the photographer, you may feel stuck on where to start with the groom details because it usually falls on the second shooter. It is always good to have a concrete idea of what you want for the groom’s details to relay it to the second shooter. It might help make a second shooter guide for anyone who may be new to working with you. Please go over the shot list with them and make sure that they understand what you are looking for.

As the groom, you want to make sure that you have everything ready for the photographer when they arrive to begin taking photos on the day of your wedding. Don’t get dressed before the photographer gets there. Please don’t arrive at your prep location in your tux because you will have to take it off again!

Photos were taken by Andrea and Tom.

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