4 Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Engagement Session

4 Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Engagement Session

Ever wonder how to take your engagement session up to the next level? Well, look no further because here are a few tips and tricks to help you have the most gorgeous and intimate session to celebrate your engagement! First of all, congratulations! Engagement is a beautiful step to the next chapter in your relationship together, and we want to help capture the true essence that is uniquely yours.

Whatever makes your specific relationship special, we want to showcase in your photos, and this requires a few things to happen, the biggest thing being the props and accessories you bring along with you. We always recommend bringing props to your engagement shoot. We want to be able to display your love in the way most natural to yourselves. Below you will find some examples of great props we have used in some of our favorite engagement sessions! Tips and Tricks


Flowers can be both special and unique to the individual relationship, but add an amazing touch not only for photos of you and your partner but of photos of that gorgeous ring on your finger! Bring along your favorite bouquet combination to add just the perfect touch of color and pop to your photos.

We will pose you with the flowers in whatever way feels natural, and as you can see by some of our photos, all of those natural positions are different depending on the couple. We will also use the flowers to pose your gorgeous ring, as the natural colors from the floral arrangements really make the stone of your ring pop in photos. Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks


Food and drinks can take the occasion up a notch! Don’t be afraid to bring along the bubbly and a couple of glasses to enjoy while taking your photos. The act of popping open the champagne and drinking from the glasses with one another not only makes for great photos, but allows for a little liquid courage to loosen you up for the most comfortable and YOU shoot possible!

As for food, bring along your favorite donut flavor or your favorite meat and cheese for an awesome and intimate moment between the two of you. Having any kind of “meal” together always leads to some romantic photo ops!


Bringing something from your home will add a flair of your own unique style as well as giving you the comfort of being in your own space. Bringing along a gorgeous flair of your own personal style can add a bit of comfort for the two of you; a sense of feelings at home in your own space can help you open up more.

As well as comfort, bringing your own style to the session allows us to style you in a way that matches up with your personal sense of style allowing for photos that will not only come out stunning, but will look amazing hanging in the same room with the rest of your decor. Tips and Tricks


This can be anything from a piece of jewelry to a baseball and glove. Whatever means something to you and your relationship is the key to making the session more special and unique to you as a couple. Something that can tie in your past, present, and future relationship will make for a meaningful item, which will in turn make for a meaningful photo. Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

As you might be able to guess, there are a TON of different props and accessories you can bring to a photo session that will make for an amazing set of photos and a great time to be had. Remember, this is about you and your love and that is all that matters at the end of the day. All we want is to be there to capture the magic spark of love that exists between you and your partner, and to capture it in an image to last a lifetime.

This is a special time for your love to grow and flourish, and we want to make sure you have tons of gorgeous photos to capture this time in your life. Tips and Tricks

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